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Danger to Living Free


We put living free in danger without a second thought by doing things that are common place in today's society.

I'm sure you by now have heard that the school systems are going to or are thinking seriously about not teaching cursive writing anymore.

In addition, you might have also noticed that the majority of our lives have...Read More========> Living Free

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  • Great post Susan and I wonder how we managed without all the technology when we were younger, but we did.  My children tell me that they can't believe all the gadgets I have got "at my age" !!

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    Hi Sandy,

    No we don't but you know the wake up call would come fast if someone took that away then we would know exactly what all was at stake.

  • Excellent post, Susan.  So much of our lives is on automatic that we don't even think about the simple things anymore. 

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    Susan you need to edit your post, something is missing. You will see when you check it. I fixed it and your article makes some good points. Technology has a major impact in our lives. Take it away and we will be all lost. Remember the simple days when there was TV and radio only. This is what I remember as a child coming up. Everything is all digital, electronics and computerized. Shared via Syndication Automation.

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