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Do The Good and Get The Well

Do The Good and Get The Well


When you do the good you automatically get the well. This is true for any part of your life. Do you want friends, are you first a good friend to those friends?

If not you will not have friends.

Do you want respect? Do you give respect? If not then don't expect it! The same goes for your wealth. If you want to get anywhere in this world then first you must do good for others. Click Here to read more====>

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  • So very well said, Susan ... love it!  Liked and shared.

  • Excellent post Susan and toally agree with what Terri says.  Thanks for sharing.

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    I agree Susan and this is an excellent message that people need to read and apply online and offline. Thank you for your support and being in the Syndication Express community.

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    Hi Terri,

    It is true you are who you are, actually though I'm very far from shy. My problem was that I assumed that by putting out my links and all that type of stuff that people would just flock to what ever I was doing. My hope with this post is to let others know you have to put yourself out there. You have to be the first to reach out. :)

    Thank you for all you do Terri :)


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    Excellent and true Susan. Another old saying is: "You get what you give." I believe you should be yourself offline and online. If you're shy offline, then you'll probably be shy online. This takes time for people who are this way. With a little work, you will get over it and things will work out for you. According to your post, it seems you have made a breakthrough. Good for you Susan and your post has been shared via Syndication Automation and Google plus. Make it a great day.

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