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Faceless Videos For TikTok Part 2

This is the YT version ~ see part one here


Hi All,

I am George Pierce. I am beginning a new adventure on TikTok, growing a channel from scratch and I am inviting you to come along.

If you are not using video, I am sure you are aware that you are missing out, in fact, you are probably aware that you are missing out big time.  The actual video creation process is so simple and easy, and it is free.  The software does all the work.  

Faceless videos mean that you are not going to have to be on camera and there is no need to do a voice-over.  

We will get to the video creation process but there are a few things that you really need to know first.

Allow me to begin with, Do as I say, not as I do!??

When it comes to training, I break many of the rules of marketing.  HUH?  I give you what I believe you need.  What you need is often not what you want or think you want.  If you learn how to physically make videos, which is what you want...your videos may be the best videos ever, but there is an almost 100% chance that they are not going to perform.  Learning to physically make videos is good, but it is very much like creating your first website.  We soon discover that 'build it and they will come' does not apply to the Internet.  

#1 Give Your Viewers What They Want! 

This rule sounds great and it is. but it is also where we all make a huge mistake, myself included.  

The process of creating your video (or website) is based on keywords...but not like you might think.  The kinds of keywords that we seek are based on what is called search difficulty.  Regardless of our niche, product, or service, we are looking for keywords that have good search volume and low competition.  There are free tools that will do all the work, we put in the keywords and they will tell us exactly what we need to know.  And there are some sweet tricks that we can use to get Google and YouTube to help us. 

Most of us use keywords that have excellent search volume, but high competition, often so high, that there are thousands or even millions of proven videos (and websites) and proven video channels that we are competing with.  If you were Google or YouTube or TikTok, your goal is to give people what they want, what they are searching for.  

Let's say that I have a new channel and I make a new video about make money from home.


According to TubeBuddy, a free chrome extension, make money from home is NOT a good choice.


Notice that this free tool really does all the work, it even gives us an Overall Score, which is a measure of search difficulty. 

Make money from home may seem like an excellent keyword choice, but it is NOT.


There is simply too much competition.  If we make the common mistake of using keywords such as make money from home,

we will get no views!  

If my training does not work, what are you likely to think?  That guy (me) did not help me, he wasted my time.  You lose out on a marvelous opportunity and I lose you as well.  

But if I can also get you to allow me to help you with some of the other essentials for creating videos that get views and get clicks, then we both benefit

LOOK What Happens!


With a little tweaking, we can come up with keywords that will send us traffic. 

TubeBuddy Explorer is one of a suite of free tools that can really help your videos. 

Another free keyword tool is Ubersuggest, another awesome tool that does all the work.  


With Ubersuggest, the SD column indicates the degree of organic (free) search difficulty.

The lower the number the better.  I recommend an SD in the 30s or lower for beginners.

Ubersuggest tells us that making extra money from home is going to do well on Google search,

even for a beginner, in my case, a beginner channel.


I hope you are beginning to see how playing with keywords and how building your content around keywords

can have a huge impact on traffic.  

There is more...but first, allow me to share a funny story that I know you will love.



The Train, The Cabinet, and The Fitter

Connie Wall buys a  self-assembly cabinet from her hardware store. Getting to her residence Connie reviews the directions very carefully, counts the items, then constructs the cabinet in the bedroom. It looks really fantastic and she is delighted.

Connie lives near a railway line and also as the train goes by the cabinet falls down. Undaunted by this misfortune she re-reads the instructions and reassembles the cabinet. Once again, one more train passes, and the entire cabinet collapses again.

Connie now distressed as well as believing that she might have done something "wrong" re-re-reads the instructions and re-re-assembles the cabinet. Soon, a train passes, and again the entire cabinet falls down for the 3rd time.

Connie is fed up, cross, and rather upset so she 'phones the customer support department. She is informed that they'll send out a fitter to take a look.

The fitter arrives and puts together the cabinet. Again, a train passes, and the cabinet breaks down. Completely baffled by this unanticipated event, the fitter decides to reassemble the cabinet as well as sit inside it to see whether he can discover what triggers the cabinet to collapse.

At this point, Connie's husband gets home, sees the cabinet, and exclaims, 'Oh, that's a splendid-looking cabinet,' and he opens it to look within.

The trimmer, who had been questioning exactly how to explain his placement in Connie's bedroom cabinet, blurts out,

'You most likely won't believe me, but I'm sitting here waiting for a train.'


Believe It Or Not

Creating a video is like creating a website, it is done BACKWARDS!  

You will see how all this fits together in future posts.

Thank you for reading, allow me to wish you much success.

George Pierce

PS. For free affiliate marketing training, I invite you to visit my YouTube channel.

 PPS.  The TT video above was made from a totally free video supplied by the vendor.  This means that one of the options that we can look forward to is to be able to use videos that are already made.  But I am going to add a little secret that is going to make our version UNIQUE!  Unique sets us apart, you will see why this is so good in future posts.

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    "I'm sitting here waiting for George Pierce's next superb presentation .... " !

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      Thanks, Tom.  I am having a fun venture and learning experience.  There is a lot to share as soon as we get past the basics.  

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