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Feeling Shunned and Alone in Your Marketing?

Feeling Shunned and Alone in Your Marketing?


Marketing is such an oxymoron where relationships are concerned. Think about it for just a second.

What does it take to be successful in marketing? People right? Why, because people are who buy or join what you have and yet...

Marketing can also run the people closes to you the farthest away from you! AGREED?

You know what? It's totally okay if your family and close friends hide from you because your a marketer you know why==>


Do you still get that look from people when they ask you what you do and you say I work in marketing? Do they say something like, "Oh, still selling Amway?" or my favorite...

Phiff......and "How's that working out for ya?" (With of course tongues in cheek an a smug look on their faces.)

You know I use to tell my family when I would get a little money here and there from some of the businesses I worked. You know what I got? Laughs at the amount,scoffs and generally a hard time.

I got tired of it so I just shut up-----> I did not quit however :)


"There's this little card in my wallet, that my payments go to now but you see, I don't tell the Nay-Sayers and trust me when I tell you if they could see the balance

they WOULDN'T be making fun! marketing

Do you want your own little secret card? If you haven't let the Nay-Sayers beat you down to where you don't believe anymore then...

Click here.

"Money is not at the root of all evil but, many times not having enough to live on is…"



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  • Exactly Susan and I am glad it all worked out for you.

  • Top Blogger

    Hi Angela,

    Thank you :) for sharing and yes the puppy is so cute! They do know how to use those eyes lol my dogs are the worse about that lol

  • Great article Susan.  Love that little puppy.  Great content shared as well.  Liked and Shared.

  • Top Blogger

    Hi Brad,

    I am glad you enjoyed it. :) and thank you so much for the share :)

  • Top Blogger

    Hi Timothy, yes they don't know and you know it's very hard to get those close to you to take what you do to heart when they don't understand. If they ever do wish to join me my door is always open to everyone :)

    Thank you for your comment and sharing.

  • Top Blogger

    Thank yo Terri for your comment and the shares. :)

  • Thanks for reminder Susan, I liked this post and tweeted it.

  • Your special because you know something they don't.There will come a day when they wish they would have learned more or maybe even joined you.

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    1 Timothy 6: 9 and 10 is my response to the quote at the end of your post. I have shared your post on Facebook, Google plus and Twitter. Have a great day Susan.

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