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Free Online Video Editor ~ Faceless Videos Part 11


Hi Everyone,

I am George Pierce.  I have had excellent luck with using YouTube to generate traffic for almost 12 years, TikTok for about 2 years, and more recently YT shorts, and Facebook Reels.  This post is part of a training series called Faceless Videos.  The reason for the name is that you can create videos for YT, TT, FB, Instagram, and other video sites without needing to be in front of a camera.  There is also no need to do a voice-over.  All the tools and resources that you will need are free.  There are no skills needed, anyone can do this, even if you are a complete beginner.  The traffic is organic which is the best traffic possible, the traffic potential is significant. 

In my opinion, video marketing is your best option for tons of free traffic.

On the other hand, if you are like I was, video marketing was to difficult, too technical, too expensive, and too time-consuming.  As usual. I was WRONG! Video marketing is sincerely easy and surprisingly fast.  The free tools do almost all the work and make you and me look like a pro.

If you are not using video marketing or if you have tried video marketing with disappointing results, I urge you to stay with me. 

This post is going to be one of the most exciting posts in this series because we will be physically creating videos.  The process is so easy, the only thing that you will regret is that you did not know about this sooner.

Let's get started.

Our free video editor is courtesy of a site called Clipchamp.  What they offer for free is an extraordinary value and is comparable to many paid options.



First off, Clipchamp is really free and it stays free.  A couple of other advantages are that there is NO WATERMARK, it is very user-friendly, and there is no limit to the number of free videos that you can create.


Another feature that Clipchamp provides is a video screen capture, also with no watermark.  

I am a free member of Clipchamp, and I have been for a number of years.  I am quite sure that you

will need to join (for free) in order to use their software. 

Before you join and log in, allow me to share several of my favorite free stock video sites.  These are the sites 

that we can go to to get other people's videos that we can legally use for our own videos.  In other words, we

have an almost endless supply of video content and it is all free.  All it takes to use these free videos is to 

download and then upload to Clipchamp.  You will see that happen shortly.

My favorite sites are Pixabay dot com, Pexels dot com, and Mixkit dot co.  In addition to their videos being free, 

no attribution is needed.


This is the YT version of the video that we will be creating step by step.  


This is a YT version of a TikTok video. HUH?  TikTok videos embed code is in block code and Syndication Express posts are in HTML.  YT embed code is in HTML.  

Our first step is to go to Mixkit dot co and find one or more short video clips to use in the video we will be creating.  

Let's go to



Mixkit seems to have almost perfect videos for making short videos, which is what we are focusing on,

and Mixkit also offers free music.  

I typed fun into the Mixkit search box.

Below is a snapshot of what I found.




I chose the video at the bottom right. To download a video, click on it and the video will appear

as you see below. You can watch the video to make sure that it is what you want, then click on





BTW, fun videos seem to do better, especially on TT.   Regardless of your niche, the fun or enjoyment of the benefits of your product or service or just fun followed by your CTA should give you good results. As mentioned in previous posts, quotes and short jokes can also provide content and keep it short.  

Follow the same steps to download your music.  

In my next post, we will go to Clipchanp and make a faceless video with no watermark.



Let Us PRAY!

Recently a well-known televangelist who fell from grace relocated to Easter Tennessee.  

I understand that he now works for one of the major pest control companies as an 


Before each job he still gets to say:



Thanks for reading.

Much success,

George Pierce

PS. It would be my pleasure to help you wit affiliate marketing.  Check out my free training on YouTube:


Faceless Video Training Series

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  • Top Commentor

    For those keen to create videos, and it is a fun thing to do, then your guidance George is all that anyone will ever need. More than that, your suggestions involve mainly free resources and, should practioners stumble, then they have your back-up to call upon. I remember the considerable time I spent learning how and then creating videos, fifteen years or so ago. I'm glad I did it but it would be so much easier now to have your experience instantly available.

    • Top Video Contributor

      My advantage is that these posts are meant to train and help and not sell.  Videos are fun, and I hope that this series will encourage people to step out of their comfort zone so they can find out how easy video creation is, thank you, Tom.

  • Top Member

    Now this is powerful information George Pierce your step by step training is awesome. I especially like the way you add the images showing people your screen. This is a big help for new people new to producing videos. You're so amazing at what you do. I wish you continued success. You are a true Go-giver, so keep it moving my friend. 

    • Top Video Contributor

      I appreciate your kind words, thank you, Terri.  Hardcore training takes some effort and I am usually going so fast, that sharing what I do and not missing an important detail takes even more effort, so I do appreciate your response.

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