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Every one set goals. We are thought to write out your goals. Start a daily ritual of bringing them into manifestation by reading and visualizing your goals on a daily basis.  “When it comes to our goals and dreams we all want to know how we can make those ideas or thoughts materialize in our lives. This art of bringing a thought form from an energetic state to the point of materializing in one’s present reality is called Manifestation. The Art of Manifestation is not new. The techniques used to manifest dreams into reality have been available to us since ancient times. The steps are actually quite simple and easy to apply, but don’t let the simplicity fool you. Just like working out to build a muscle, the process is simple but requires consistent practice, dedication and focus to attain the desired result. One must focus their attention on the right things to create the right results.”

Some of us may ask the question to oneself on various occasions, “what is the cause of my goals not manifesting, or why is it taking such a long process?” What is missing is it the energy which brings the goals into existence? This process works with creating one state of mind.  impact-theory-belief-system.

Dr. Joe Dispenza states we must live in the present as if our future has already manifested. For this process to materialized :

  1. Create a clear image of your goal.
  2. Bring your future into the present by living daily as if your goals are manifested.
  3. Stay in a state of gratitude for the manifestation of your goals.
  4. Create a new emotion, energy or feeling and keep it present, this is the feeling you want to experience when your goals are manifested.
  5. Reprogram your mind with new positive thoughts
  6. Release the past and gain wisdom from those experiences.
  7. Practice forgiveness.
  8. Meditation daily to reprogram and rebuild the body and mind.

With dedication and persistence using the right formula we, all can achieve our goals. 

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Comment by Susan Boston on August 6, 2018 at 11:35am


Those are words of wisdom. I think a lot of people just think they can think good thoughts and have it happen and like you said it might be simple but there are steps and takes time. Thank you

Susan Boston

Comment by Terri Pattio on August 6, 2018 at 11:27am

Excellent tips on manifesting one's goal in life. Have a blessed day and keep writing these awesome posts in the SE community. 

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