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One of the most important things for any entrepreneur  or anyone wanting to make money online is getting traffic. 

Traffic can come in the form of paid advertising such as solo ads and Google ads.

But one of my favorite methods is free and is called a safelist. 

These are also called list builders, exchanges, and viral mailers. 

A safe list is a site that allows you to mail to members of the platform in exchange for clicking credits to mail your offer is business opportunities or services to others

I would also include traffic exchanges in this as well as they're going to help you to get started getting free traffic. 

Safelists and mailers tend to have a bad name as junk traffic. 


And I must admit that there are some that are not worth investing time into. 


But, this is because we have been using them the wrong way. 


When done correctly, safelists can be a valid form of traffic. 

This blog post is designed to share with you some strategies that will help you to do safelist marketing right.



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John Jackson

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    It's essential to stay safe on the internet John and your guidance here will allow readers to follow proven methods of creating traffic while avoiding the stress of stepping in front of the many reckless drivers on the cyber highway. I enyoed coming back to this post, it's simple and gave me a couple of important reminders.

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    Agreed John, Safelist and Traffic Exchanges are excellent sources for getting free Traffic.  They are also a valuable avenue for finding new business opportunities.  You're right about people not making the most effective use of them.  However if you stick with it and take the time learn, you could be getting tons of quality free traffic by joing the best ones. There many excellent ones out there. 

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      Thank you so much. I appreciate the support. They are good sources of traffic. 

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      You're welcome!  It's an informative article, good content is always a pleasure to read.  

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    Powerful post John Cory Jackson I got started using TE and safelists in the beginning and I can validate they do work when used correctly. 

    As you stated, you shouldn't expect results right away using safelists. Testing is required. Thank you for sharing your blog post and what you're using to get free traffic online. I like how you said "No Traffic = No business = No money!"  Sounds like one of my titles on a blog post I did a few years ago. 

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      I like that too Terri.  And it so true, "No Traffic = No business = No Money!".  That's one to tape on the mirror. 

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      Thank you. With a traffic source like safelists, it is the patient game. I am learning that. 

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    Yes John, Safelists are a bit of a mystery to many. Like any tool they have to be used properly in order to be most effective. You're insightful post makes everything a lot clearer, your obvious relish for the subject makes you a go-to source of assistance too.

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    I cannot agree with you more, especially selling the click.  Thanks for all the help, John.

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