How To Lose Weight

weight loss results.lose weight

weight loss results

How to lose weight is a challenge. It involves a process that we all need to do to live — eat. Studies are finding that high-fat, high-sugar processed foods seem to have an addictive pull on our brains. Understanding why food cravings can be so intense will help us have more control. The New York Times presented a very interesting article exploring the strong possibility that food can be addictive.


Not the way to lose weight

Not the way to lose weight


The Melaleuca Wellness Guide recommends a high-fiber, low-fat diet to help you lose weight. Lots of fiber cleanses the body by removing toxins. Fiber also lowers cholesterol, stabilizes blood sugar, and increases energy. Adding Fiber Wise to the diet not only increases dietary fiber, but also provides probiotics that help sustain “friendly” bacteria. Interestingly Science Daily reports that researchers were able to identify twenty six species of bacteria that appear to be linked to obesity.


On the positive side PubMed published a study that found obesity was reduced in rats by feeding them the friendly probiotic, Bifidobacterium.


Florify provides a blend of five billion colony units of Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium lactis. It also provides the prebiotic fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS). Prebiotics boost the growth of beneficial probiotics in the gastrointestinal tract. The goal is that good bacteria will crowd out harmful bacteria to help you lose weight.


Learning how to Lose weight is turning out to be more than just counting calories in and calories out.   We can help bridge the diet gap with these supplements:


  • Vitality 4 Essentials includes the probiotic Florify.
  • Luminex with 5htp helps improve mood and reduce food cravings to lose weight.
  • Attain Bars and Attain Shakes with patent-pending, all natural CraveBlocker help with the two sources of hunger cravings — your stomach and your brain to keep your hunger at bay so you can lose weight.
  • Patented Access Performance Bars will help you burn fat as fuel. Eat one on an empty stomach two hours after eating and/or fifteen minutes before starting an activity. You’ll be able to exercise longer, experience less fatigue, and lose weight. The Australian marathon swimmer Tammy VanWisse calls them her ‘secret weapon’.

When we  lose weight, we not only achieve our immediate goals. We also benefit by becoming healthier, and probably saving money by not buying tobacco and some processed foods. We most likely will also save money on health care.


We are all creatures of habit. We can expect that making and maintaining changes will have its challenges until new behaviors have become good habits. Life is always about change. Good changes are worth the effort. Don’t give up on your goal to lose weight! One more tip: Cinnamon Hot Shot Sugarless Gum with a cup of coffee or tea can help you resist dessert, and chewing gum is a well-known quit-smoking tip.





Customized Fat loss was made for people that are serious about their transformation goals. Men and Women, young and old, as long as you’re serious about accepting the truth and using it to make your dream body your reality, Customized Fat loss was made for you to lose weight. 



This should be the easiest decision of your life. 

You have nothing to lose but lose weight that is, and everything to gain.


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  • Great advice Peter.

  • Weight loss strategies can be a challenge but you only need to commit for 21 days to change a habit. If you utilize some NLP strategies you can reinforce food likes to dislikes.Then if you start walking for just 15 minutes a day with purpose you can reset your metabolism..

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