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How to Survive Owning Your Own Business

How to Survive Owning Your Own Business


Owning your own business is a hair-raising event believe me. You will struggle with depression, fear, hopelessness, challenges, ups, downs, and just plain wanting to give up. No, wait, "now why was it we wanted to own a business again?" "Oh yes, I remember now." We wanted to====>Read On!

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  • That's right Susan we all came here to prosper. Growing a business is like being pregnant and going through the whole child birth and raising a child. Great article.
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    Thank you Terri :) 

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    Your why is the motivating factor that contributes to your success. If it's not 99% strong then you will not last when an obstacle gets in your way. Your why will make you cry because it will keep you going when it gets tough for you. Thank you Susan for a magnificent post in the SE community. 

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