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    Hi Sandy, Thank you so much for your comment actually I'm not that far into shopping although I do love to when I have the money. I did want to also add in that post for others to be aware that shopping can be addictive for some, just as drinking, drugs and other things.

    I am guessing there are those that don't even realize that they are so maybe if someone with that problem reads it and sees something they will seek help. :)

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    Hi Terri,

    Well I was talking about really my love of shopping although I am not a shopaholic, I did want to call the attention to those that might have that problem. I saw your comment on my blog and thank you, I did answer back on there as well. 

  • We all have some dreadful habit that rears its ugly head when we are depressed or in need of cheering up.  Thanks for sharing your in such a unique way :)

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    Thank Susan for your post in the SE community. I commented on your blog. I was curious to know what you were talking about. Nice how you did it. Definitely a great topic 

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