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Internet and Network Marketing - Know Math or NO Money!



What a profound statement "Know Math or NO Money." I will tell you why I am writing this post.

Many times I see people get online and join a business opportunity and never, ever crunch the numbers of their companies pay plan. They don't have a clue as to what to do to begin earning the money they want. All they know is what the network marketing company has told them via the website, splash pages, their sponsor and what they have learned from a webinar they have attended.


It is up to the individual to do their own numbers crunching of the pay plan so they will know what their goal is for success in this business. Of course your company will tell you what they expect of you. They will even give you a plan to build your business and we all know they want to build the company up too. You must have your own plan so you will earn money using their compensation plan.

NOTE: It must be fair and win win for everyone and breakage in the pay plan benefits the company only.


Example: If you sponsor 3 then you have the potential to earn $150. What they don't tell you is that the people you sponsor have to duplicate.


It's all about duplication and having a system for training people to do so. 


Let me get back to what I was talking about. You must know math and you must know how much you will earn for each person you bring into the business. When you determine the amount per person, now you can calculate your weekly or monthly income that you will earn when you sponsor someone into the business. Keep in mind it will be your short or long term goal. You must be realistic with your goal so it will be attainable for you. This is a mistake people make by setting their goals too high and when they don't reach it, they feel like they have failed. This is not the case, it's more likely they have set a long term goal. 


At this point all that's required is to:


Plan, do, review and adjust your short term goal.



It is very important to do your due diligence and crunch the numbers of your network marketing company compensation plan.  Take out the trusty calculator and go through it. Whatever type of plan it is: binary, matrix, uni-level, Aussie two up, and matching check bonuses.



All of these pay plans work pretty much the same and when you study them and know what's involved, you will be able to determine how many people you need to sponsor to make $1,000 a month or $100 a week. It's up to you and how much work you put in to reach your goal.


Always remember in any business opportunity you join, you need customers and business partners. If your business opportunity has no real product or service to offer people for their money, and the only way you earn money is by sponsoring people, it is illegal and a pyramid scheme. The Attorney General will shut it down sooner or later.  You'll have wasted time and possibly lose your online reputation.


I am writing this post to make you realize if you don't know math (crunch your MLM network marketing company compensation plan), you will get NO MONEY!


Please, please, please take my advice and do your due diligence and crunch the numbers of your pay plan. This is one step you must do before you join any business opportunity. If you want to know how to find the right business opportunity then I recommend you sign up for my FREE MLM Training simply click the link below.



Free MLM Training and Home Business Mentoring


Terri Pattio

MLM Coach/Mentor with a servant's heart

Twitter Strategist 


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  • Great press release. This just makes it plain and clear. You have to work.

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    Thanks Susan for reading and commenting on my post.  Glad to know it was beneficial. Thanks for sharing it for people to read.

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    Terri, this is such a great post. You are so right people hear what others tell them and don't stop to do the numbers themselves I know I am that was as well. When they tell you to get 3 you will be free or what ever their little saying is what don't say is actually you could have 33 and if they are not working or duplicating (you) don't make money.

    Thank you so much for giving out such a great tip and I have shared it :)

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    Thank EJ for your comments and for sharing my post. Yes I believe it will be very beneficial for people to read this.

  • Wise WORDS  Terri ! 

    Know + NO = YES  for Internet Success !

    I had to Share it, because it can help a lot of people..

    Thanks !

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    Susan I am available to help you with crunching the numbers on compensation plans. It's easy when you learn how and I'm thinking this may be a continuation of another blog post. Thanks for reading and commenting.

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    Yes you do have to know math and I must admit I am one of those that it goes right over my head when the matrix and such starts being talked about. I wonder if they make a app for that lol!

    This is great advise Terry and I Hope that everyone will listen.

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    Thank you Timothy for reading, commenting and sharing.

  • Awesome title Terri and some great points as well!

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    Yes it is Sandy and Nichola. I appreciate you both for reading and sharing your thoughts with me.

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