Learn to Live Healthy with Chronic Illness

I am learning to blog the right way.  Before, my blogs were just on line diary's that I was doing for fun.  This blog is my gift to all who suffer from a chronic disease.  I have several posts, as this is an ongoing journey, filled with wellness tips on living in harmony.  The wellness approach to health is not a hocus pocus magical way to get healthy, it is an approach that involves your whole being, mind, body, spiritual.  You may not heal and your illness may lead to early death but you have a choice to spend your time, leaving love behind or being depressed and making others avoid you.

It is hard for people who are not experiencing what you are to understand and you will get a lot of "pat" answers, you know....God will heal you, I know you will get better, just ignore...and a lot of people who you thought were friends will distance themselves from you.  People who are full of good health feel uncomfortable around someone who is not and they do not know what to say, so they just go away.

I would love to have you all join me in this last journey, it is being built as a love gift to my friends, family and others who are suffering and feel alone.  Below is an excerpt from my latest post...Transplants.  I have given some links for professional help in receiving transplants and some costs, which change all the time.

This blog is new, written by a non-professional, but I hope to have input and suggestions and others who are also on this journey and want to or are living healthier through wellness approaches, to join me.

Some basic information about transplant's.  The links at the end of this are excellent and if you have any other to share, please do.  Besides the actual cost's listed below, there is a lot of additional cost's. You have to be on call 24/7 for your procedure, so if you do not live close by, take in transportation costs, living expenses(like motels), eating expenses, care giver, someone to help after the surgery with housework, cooking and so on.  Pet care, lawn care, babysitting or child care and I am sure the list can go on.  You will be on medication the rest of your life to prevent rejection, so that all needs to be added it.  There is a booklet listed below that helps you organize and make charts as to expenses and so forth.

Click here to read:   Transplants - Some Basic Information

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  • Kathy, this is helpful advice.  Thank You.

  • Thankyou for sharing this info Kathy

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