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Mind Melt on Skepticism

Mind Melt on Skepticism

Mind Melt on Skepticism

Mind Melt on Skepticism, defense gone bad. What I would like to share with you is the Art of Skepticism.

Skepticism is a defense mechanism within us for self preservation. This is a good thing.

Although, there are times that this mechanism prevents us from believing things that are true because of our skepticism we see it as a lie.


I work here at home and take care of the house and various animals and what not. My hands are in so much water they many times crack and bleed.

One day on the television I happen to stop and notice an add for a product that (so they said) cleared that situation right up. My thought...

Mind Melt on Skepticism

Think about it, "how many hand lotions have you bought when your hands were so dry they cracked and would bleed. Tell me, "Did they do any good?"

Most the time the answer is, "No"!

It took viewing this same commercial several times while my hands were drying out more as well as hurting worse for me to try the product but buy it I did and...

Guess what?

It did just what they said it would do! (If you happen to have this problem) then I will share the product with you. I can tell you this really does work...

Click here if you have the same problem.

Now back to my point. Over time we have been lied to, scammed and totally taken advantage of so much that we have let our Skepticism rule our critical thinking.

"Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men."

This is true even within ourselves. If you let Skepticism, Fear, Hate and so on have absolute power; you will become a corrupted person and may not even know it. Be aware of your inter-self.

Food for thought.........


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