My First Syndication Express Post

This is my first syndication express blog post! I wanted to thank Dr. F. Gianmichael Salvato for inviting me on here and to Terri Pattio for creating this amazingly pleasant platform and for also having me here.

I am an Entrepreneur and Visionary making my way through this mad, beautiful, daunting journey of MLM and internet marketing. I know I have much to learn and I will continue courageously on this enlightening path of personal and professional growth.

I pride myself on being a home base business owner. I find it to be the most empowering facet towards happiness and freedom in my life.I thrive to make a real difference in others lives whether it be thru health and wellness, saving people $ on travel, giving back to our communities and protecting our precious identities online. My team and I offer many different ways in helping others find their perfect fit towards gaining financial freedom. I believe in multiple streams of income. Those around us flourish everyday. We help others overcome their fears and work hard to help them see their dreams come true. IT IS POSSIBLE!

We only help those who can help themselves. People have to work for it! There is always a backlash when it comes to showing others the truth and helping them realize that in order to achieve success they must get out of their comfort zones. My WHY'S are too precious to allow me and those around me to fail. I am grateful & blessed everyday!

But nonetheless our mission to truly help others make that change is too great to let the negative forces that be hold us back from that which is most important. This is why I appreciate having the ability to share our story, vision and goals with other like minded individuals whose sole purpose is to help others succeed like we do. I am just getting started and I am happy to keep building my online persona in ways that are geared towards serving others.

There are far too many entities out there with ulterior motives and agendas. Thankfully I am a sharp enough business woman to stay clear of all that is wasteful has no real purpose and whose true intentions are to harm people. Everyone here on this network are strong independent individuals who offer precious and quality value to the industry and to whom I look greatly up to. To those I do not know it will be my pleasure getting to know you!

I'm just getting started but I am happy to share my story with the world as I learn, grow and Evolv here!3818709476?profile=original

Enjoy your start to the week!

Sincerely, Peace & Love Always,

Kara Cannavo

Entrepenuer & Visionary

Whats Your Formula To Evolv

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  • Great post Kara and thanks for sharing your amazing story.

  • Excellent article Kara.  Love the photos of all the kids you're helping.  Liked and Shared.

  • Hello Kara Welcome to Syndication Express. Terri has and still is doing a great job here. Awesome first article. It is a lot easier to step out side ones comfort zone than they might think. I found that it got easier every day.


  • Welcome aboard Kara. Great post.

  • And thank you Terri! I am honored that you liked my first post on here! I love that we can use pictures and visuals and I find it very easy to navigate. I love the layout and all the options you provide us to create quality content! Super JOB!! I will share this with everyone I know! And I will engage more in the platform as I go. Its fun here.. Thats the best part!

  • Aww thank you so much Carolyn! My oldest is 14 going on 15 and my lil irish twins are 7&8 going on 8&9.. All my precious boys were born in June, July & August! So the summer time is the busiest time for this mama! I appreciate you stopping by :-)
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    I like your first post Kara very much. Glad to have you here as well. I'm with Carolyn, they are adorable. Shared your great post.

  • Your "Whys" are adorable! How old are they now?

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