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Happy Fourth Of July, my friends. Enjoy this week's give away and store.


Why Some People Fail At Internet Marketing

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Hi,  I am George Pierce.

This week's give away is Why Some People Fail At Internet Marketing.  

This is a short ebook that NAILS IT!  It covers just about every mistake that you and I can make and how to fix them.

As I read this brand new ebook, I hate to admit it, but I could relate to EVERY mistake.  Imagine being guilty of every mistake! 

My first 12 to 18 months as an aspiring Internet Marketer were filled with mistakes.  My learning was a long and grueling process, sheer stubborness kept me in the game.  May I suggest that you do not learn the hard way, as I did.  Grab your free copy of this ebook instead.


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Why Some People Fail                           At Internet Marketing

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Catalina Island

Catalina Island

The FOG!

If you are swimmer, you may know the name, Florence Chadwick.

In 1950, Florence became the first woman to swim the English Channel both ways and she swam it in record time.

About 2 years later, July 4, 1952, she began her swim from Catalina Island to Palos Verde on the coast of California.  Her goal was to be the first woman to make this swim.

As she began the 26 mile, Florence Chadwick all that she could see was  a solid wall of fog. The water was cold as ice and the fog never lifted. Florence swam in the frigid sea for 16 hours.  Millions were watching in national TV. 

As Florence tired, her mother and coach provided encouragement from one of the boats that escorted her on this perilous journey.  Florence was told she did not have much farther to go, but all she could see was fog.

Florence was urged not to quit, she had never quit before, but she had no idea how far she was from her goal, the fog was relentless.

With only about a mile to go, she asked to be pulled out. 

Palos Verde light house
Palos Verde Light House

Several hours later, Florence told reporters,  "I’m not excusing myself, but if I could have seen the land I might have made it.”

What stopped her was not her fatigue, it was not even the cold water.   What defeated Florence was the fog. She was simply unable to see her goal.

The good news is that just two months later, Florence tried again. Again, she faced the same dense fog.

This time, however, things were different. 

 On that day, Florence Chadwick not only became the first woman to make this swim, but also she broke the men’s record by two hours!

To quote Wikipedia : "She said that she kept a mental image of the shoreline in her mind while she swam."

This is a TRUE story:


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Think It Through!

Before you begin your online adventure, think it through.

Why and How are some of the factors to consider. 

More importantly, there is a lot to learn.  Success online and on YouTube has a lot to do with the details.  There are a lot of details and we need to do them right.

In addition, even with the help of this week's giveaway, you are going to make a ton of mistakes.  Are you prepared to press on?

This particular post really hits home with me. 

I was simply 'convinced' that this Internet Marketing stuff worked, so I muddled on in spite of the mistakes, in spite of the fog.

The good news is that anyone can become an Internet Marketer and/or a YouTuber. 

The key is obvious.

Avoid quitting!

Thank you for reading, my friends. 
Much Success,,
George Pierce
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  • Top Member
    I agree that keeping your focus on the finish line and the reward/prize will definitely help you to achieve any goals you have set for yourself.
  • Active Member
    This post really exposes the reality of working an online business. You can't see the finish line, yet if you don't keep going
    you will never arrive. Don't get pulled out early, and if for some reason you do, take what you have learned and start over.
    Anything you want to achieve is possible.
  • Top Blogger this week
    It's never too late George and the shore is always waiting. What a wonderful article. I loved every word of it and would urge anyone to read it and to always keep going.
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