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Precious Minerals provides key minerals that are essential for replenishing minerals that may be lacking in the earth, plants, animals and humans.

Applied to the soil as fertilizer, one can expect to more than double crop production and in some cases even triple and quadruple a typical harvest. Not only will the size of the crop be increased, but the amount of nutrition found in produce that is grown using Precious Minerals will be dramatically increased.

Cost of growing food is reduced as there is no longer a need for yearly application of chemical fertilizers. And since pests don't like these minerals, they move onto other fields that do not have the minerals, which ends the need for costly and dangerous chemical pesticides, and the amount of water needed for irrigation is reduced by perhaps one-third.

Fruit trees treated with mineralizer may produce 2-3 crops of fruit per season versus one crop without it. Stories include 8-10 pound potatoes, 6-8 pound tomatoes, etc. The results speak for themselves.

Nobel winning scientist, Linus Pauling tells us that "all disease has an underlying mineral deficiency." Eating produce grown using Precious Minerals could improve health and potentially reduce a lot of pain and suffering caused by a variety of diseases all around the world.

A number of people have said they experienced health benefits from adding these minerals to their drinking water similar to the Hunza people in Northern Pakistan that drink a mineral rich, milky colored water that runs off of huge glaciers that literally grind rocks to powder beneath their moving masses. The milky color of the water is due to a high concentration of minerals being washed out of the powdered rocks and carried into the culinary water supply of people in the mountain valleys below.

Farm animals that are fed these minerals are healthier, have a reduced mortality rate and go to market earlier.

Ingredients: Three proprietary sources of all-naturally occurring earth minerals, which in combination with each other increase crop production like no other fertilizer or minerals known to man.

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  • Interesting, thanks for sharing.

  • Thanks Gerald!

  • Thank you Terri for the great comment. Yes.. this will be great product for those that want to go: Organic an care about there Health an Well Being..!!

  • Top Member

    This is great news. It's the chemicals that's causing so many health challenges for people in the world today. Eliminating pesticides and chemicals would definitely help to grow healthy fruits and vegetables. Thank  you Gerald for sharing this info in the SE community.

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