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Out Going Crazy Marketing Woman Seeks...

Out Going Crazy Marketing Woman Seeks...


Crazy Marketing

Being a Crazy Marketing Woman is not always a bad thing when used in a good way! I mean face it you have those that are trying to get out of murder through insanity pleas of voices in their heads right?

This kind of crazy is just...


My crazy marketing friends hear voices telling them to be a better person, go out and find financial freedom, to mingle with good people and learn from them.

My crazy friends don't know the word failure, I can't, it don't work, it can't be done and they never look down their nose at anyone ready and willing to better their life!

Psycho's yes?

These people never give up, don't take no for an answer and are willing to put themselves out there regardless of how stupid others might think it is to do these things.

The goal of these crazy people is to always live beyond their comfort zone.

Are you one of these?

If you answer yes then don't ask questions just click...

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crazy marketing


crazy marketing

If your not that crazy, then exit before you infect us with sanity!


Susan The Crazy (and I have references) :)

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  • Top Blogger

    Hi Angela,

    LOL nope nada gonna :) you have a good weekend too :)

  • Now that really made me chuckle.  Refusing to come back.  A great weekend to you.

  • Top Blogger

    Hi Angela,

    I agree but one day I just went crazy and liked it there and refused to come back :)

  • Top Blogger

    Hi Merle,

    I am so glad you got a chuckle :) I love making people laugh and enjoy life. I know what you mean my kids have known for years I'm nuts lol but they learn to live with it LOL

  • Top Blogger

    Hi Terri,

    Thank you so much. Yes I agree it is insane to do anything else. I really can't see doing something I hate when there is something I love so much closer to my home :)

  • Great post Susan.  We just have to go crazy sometimes just so we can let off some steam and get re-charged.  Loved the article.  Thanks for sharing.  Liked and Shared.

  • Love it Susan and gave me a laugh for the day !  I am happy to be Crazy but then again my children have been telling me that all my life LOL  Thanks for sharing and will share around for you.

  • Top Member

    Susan I love how you presented this post. Yes I am glad to be one too. It's sanity to do anything else because I am having the time of my life building a business without working on a J.O.B. I enjoy a life of fun everyday and helping people brand their name online with a beautiful website so they can have residual income. I have shared your post on Facebook and tweeted.

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