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Question God? God forbid! No, you know what? He really doesn't forbid it, because where do you think you got that curious streak of yours from it is a God given thing.

Going through life not asking who, what, where, when, why and how is defiantly a safe way to live however>>>Read More

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    Hi Tish Well I see ya understand me :)

    We could not grow without it. I have to question because I'm a very curious person and I need to know things. When I ask and get my answer that's when I learn. thank you for the comment.

  • Hey Susan, I really had to comment on your post because I love a person who isn't afraid to question what they read or hear. I agree with you totally on this post. If we never questioned anything then we would miss out on some gold ol learning.If you have a relationship with God your going to ask him questions and talk to him. You might laugh, cry, stomp your feet or sigh. Those conversations with God, I have found personally are essential for your growth.

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    Hi Terri,

    Yes I know the answers are there but we must have the questions that need answering or we would never look for God's answers to begin with that was what I am getting at. :) Thank you so much for commenting I sure have missed being here with you guys but soon as I get the eye operation the end of the month where the eye doesn't hurt so bad I'll be back. lol first the heart and not the eye i'm getting olddddddddd :) lol

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    Well Susan your post almost left me speechless when I read the last sentence.  If you love, trust, have faith and believe in God. There is no reason to question God because the answers you're looking for is in the Bible (that is God's words).

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