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So You Want To Be A Millionaire?


Joseph Tom Riach – Author of successful living books and mystery novels, vivid views of life and business

 Joseph Tom Riach


The articles published on these pages and others to be found through my  Author Web Page are a blend of my real life experiences, professional insights, personal views and fun stories. My hope is that in them you find joy and inspiration.

  So you want to be a millionaire? Not unusual, many people harbour such a desire. Few however achieve their ambition. Most never get their dream beyond the realms of a fluffy fancy breezing around in their mind. In short they don't …

One : Evolve a concrete plan and … Two : They don't write down their plan and … Three : They don't act on the plan.

  But wait … there's a Fourth infinitely bigger obstacle which blocks the way of those seeking millionaire status. Worse than having no clear idea of where to start, they are blind to one simple, yet critical factor. A reality essential to any aspiring millionaire but so obvious that it totally escapes their attention. What is it that they so spectacularly fail to see? It's this -

$1m is One Million ONE Dollars!!

  You want to be a millionaire? Then don't think millions. Think One Single Dollar. It's only by knowing how to make $1 that you can accumulate great wealth. Put it this way - If you can't make just $1, how on earth do you expect to make millions of them? No chance! But, when can make $1 then there is no limit to how often you can repeat the trick. Remember -

 $1m is One Million ONE Dollars!!

  Let's make that first dollar.

  Find a solitary location with table and chair, quiet with no distractions. Put $1 on the table. Also a pen, a blank sheet of paper and a timer. Set the timer to 1 hour. Begin.

  Draw a line down the middle of the paper, thus creating two equal columns. In the left hand column write how much money you intend to make (financial target), then how long you are giving yourself to reach the target (time limit). Eg $1m and 5 years.

  Now, concentrate your gaze on the $1. As you do, think of and picture ways you can realistically turn that $1 into $2. As the ideas flood from your imagination, list them in the right hand column on your sheet of paper. Write down as many ways as possible to make just $1. When your timer sounds at the end of 1 hour – stop!

  Select your favourite way to make $1 from the list you've created, then immediately go out and put the strategy into practice – ACT NOW!

  As soon as you have made that first $1, repeat the process. This time create $2 – either by $1 + $1 twice or by $2 into $4. Continue like this until your financial target is met – simple!

  Pin your list in a prominent position where you will see it and be motivated by it each day. Use other strategies from your list as and when you consider it desireable. Add others as you think of them too.

  Keep at it until you reach your goal. Determination and perseverence are all important.

  So you want to be a millionaire? Then say, “Yes!” to One Million ONE Dollars!! It really is that simple.

 I am Tom Riach. I live and write in the sunny south of Portugal. 

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SO YOU WANT TO BE A MILLIONAIRE? is an original copyright Tom Riach feature.
I hope you enjoyed this presentation and found it to be of value.
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  • Top Member

    Just ask yourself the million dollar question "If you can't make just $1, how on earth do you expect to make millions of them?"

    As your stated "make that first dollar then repeat the process."

    As always your advice is excellent to help people be successful in earning money.


    • Top Commentor

      Thanks Terri, it's always a pleasure to receive your acknowledgement. There's a deeper point of course to what I write. My feeling is very much that, whatever we aspire to in life, then it is small actions carried out regularly which eventually mount up to great achievements. Having a grand vision is fine but attending to the daily chores is what will realise it. Also, which is of greater value - one million one dollars or one million smiles on the faces of folks you've assisted along the way?

  • Top Commentor

    One Million Dollars is One MILLION One Dollars!

    That is so simple but profound. 

    If you can make $1, you can make more from there. 


    It is important to have a vision and a plan. 


    Thanks for sharing this. It is a thought provoking passage. 

    • Top Commentor

      Nice to hear from you John. If I can make you think then I must be doing something right!

  • Top Commentor

    Tom, you don't just tell people what to do you show them. You show in a way that we can visualize steps to take to make the dream a reality.  Yet still you emphasize that it will take work on their part.  One of my favorite quotes is, "The only place success comes before work, is in the dictionary".  

    • Top Commentor

      A dictionary is a good read Robin, but as with life you're still left with lots of Ys at the end! :-)

    • Top Member

      I so enjoy your humor, Tom...  :)

    • Top Commentor

      So true Tom.  One thing I like about the dictionary is that there are different meanings for one word.  I feel like it taught me how to put what someone was saying into context.  Like Politicians, they are always communicating in 

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