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    Merle, how are you so good to see you thank you for the for the comments :) and your very welcome for the post I will try and keep everyone entertain, teach and share.

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    Hi Sandy :) how are you? Yes Nature is amazing :) it's so great to be a part of it. Thank you for reading and sharing it.

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    Hi Terri you are very welcome and thanks for sharing it :) Nature is a passion of mine everything in it. You know it was amazing and as old as I am and as many shells and locus I have see that was my first time to actually watch it.

  • That's brilliant, thanks for posting
  • Hi Susan, thanks for sharing this.  Nature is pretty amazing!  

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    Thank you for your post on the wonders of nature. It is amazing when you see it happen right before your eyes. I have shared for more people to see.

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