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Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual Awakening


Spiritual Awakening comes from our soul not our minds. Our minds are but machines made of gray matter to process, learn facts,in short the computer that runs our body.

Feelings, emotions,mental and spiritual awareness  are all ran on a totally different level.

The Spirit can see what the mind cannot conceive; the spirit can feel what the mind deems unreal.

This is why you must, "learn to dis-identify from your mind" Your consciences grows when you free your mind of all facts, reasoning and logic.

General conciseness of the mind is: Only that which is possible is true.

General conciseness of the Spirit and the Universe is... [ That which is true has yet to be determined ]


If you traveled back 100 years or more and told all those people about what is a truth in 2013 their minds could not conceive it. Their spirit might dream of it long for it and believe it but the mind would deem it unreal.

It might also get you burned at the stake.

What is not a truth today cannot be labeled and untruth or impossible. Do you remember when Frankenstein came out?

Building a human not a truth (back then). Back then, they called that Science Fiction today we call it what?


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Clear your mind of all limitations in other words shut your mind down and open your spirit so you can conceive all things that are not yet truths or truths that are but your mind can't conceive.

Then your enlightenment will grow stronger.

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"The world is full of self serving truths but your spirit serves you. Handle the knowledge of your spirit carefully it's the most powerful weapon you posses."

Susan Boston (Spirit Guide)

Skype: susanjboston


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