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Spiritual Life

Spiritual Life

something to live by

Spiritual life is lived when you start walking in the spiritual light. It begins when you feel your body, mind and soul open up to the universe.

Then you start lifting yourself up in an offering of understanding, love, peace and accepting into your life only that phase of the spiritual life that is pure and good.

This is not to say there will not be bad in your life or in the lives of those you care for what this does mean is a new type of acceptance.

This acceptance is we put all our faith and belief into the universal powers of our creator.

You as a spiritual person really have no need to say much for your actions will speak louder than any words you could utter.

Let nothing detour you from your path of pure and good always move forward in your learning, teaching, feeling and giving.

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“The world is full of self serving truths but your spirit serves you. Handle the knowledge of your spirit carefully it’s the most powerful weapon you posses.”

Susan J. Boston

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