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Success Comes From Within You

Success Comes From Within You

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Success comes from within you not from what you do on the outside. You can do everything right on the outside and still not succeed.

This is true of everything in your life.

Whether you are searching for success in Love, Business or just plain life it all comes from the calmness within you.====Read More

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  • Top Blogger

    yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh :)

  • Finally figured it out Susan.  I had to click on log in with Facebook or Twitter etc.  Then I had to click on the little pencil in the box.  That way it worked.  Might be a bit confusing for others though to figure this out.

  • Top Blogger

    Hi Merle,

    Well I don't get why you can't comment I wish I was more of a techie person so I could help ya. But thank you for sharing and reading :)

  • Love this post Susan.  It wouldn't let me click in the comment box again but have shared for you.

  • Top Blogger

    Hi Timothy,

    Yes it is :) and to get to that right frame of mind first your soul must be calm :) Thank you so much for your comments :)

  • Thanks Susan.Success is a frame of mind an attitude.

  • Top Blogger

    Thank you :) I think that unrest scares success way, even if what you are doing is right.

    Thank you again for reading and sharing.

  • Top Member

    Absolutely loved this Susan. You definitely are telling the truth in this post. Shared via Syndication Automation and Google plus. Have a awesome day!

  • Top Blogger

    Hi Bob,

    Thanks for reading :) yes if you are not prepared on the inside and the outside brings you an opportunity then there's a good chance you will pass it by.

  • Very well expressed, Susan...and you're right...being prepared for success on the inside is the key for the acceptance of opportunities that may present themselves to you from the outside...:)

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