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Content creators,  come and dine and Network with other members from Facebook and Twitter who you may know. Meet new friends, mingle and share.

Bring your hottest most delicious content let's make the Party go viral.


Special Invite:  Be a part of the SE platform

A platform created specifically

for bloggers, article writers and authors 

Place: Syndication Express

Owner: Terri Pattio


IMPORTANT NOTE: This will give YOU MORE EXPOSURE and you'll be sharing Syndication Express members blog content and we all benefit individually and as a community. I believe that every member in the community publish great blog post and I love sharing them. One point to make, please visit the SE site to read and comment on the blog posts because you're connecting with the blog author. Terri Patto.

Get the word out about what content you're cooking up to bring to the Dinner. It's a gathering of great content providers whether for business or Creative Writers.


We want succulent blog post that will satisfy the paletes of even the most particular content cookers.

You're delicious content will be served up across multiple platforms Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and more. Come and share your delights.

Bring your Red Hot, Press releases! Share your spice.  What is your business, product or service, Serve it up here and show the Internet what you're working with.



If you're looking for a soothing after dinner ambience, why not step over to the delicious music Playlists, served up with different Beans you may enjoy there is a sound for everyone.


Icing on the cake bring your sizzling text ads, eye catching videos and mouth watering banners and have them served up on the Syndication buffet to bring you hungry sign-ups, partners, buyers, or just new friends.



So come bring your tastiest content and sample what others have brought to share.  




See you there,

Robin Robinson
Member of
Syndication Express


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Robin Robinson, I am an Affiliate marketer & resources.

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  • Top Member

    When one is serving food it's all about presentation...  After reading your post, Robin, I would have to say that rule applies to blog posts also...  Your presentation made me feel so hungry I had to get a snack...  The only thing missing was the recipes...  Excellent post, Robin...  Thank you for sharing...  

    Linda Michel White

  • Top Commentor

    I love this presentation Robin! Especially the headline image - it shows people enjoying life together, freely and relaxed, as it should be. It captures perfectly too the spirit of Syndication Express. I hope that the readers are many and that they rejoice in what they see and flock to join Terri in droves. It's the very least that she and you deserve.

    • Top Commentor

      Thank you Tom.  Your comment means a lot to me.  I agree that's how it should be, with people enjoying life together.  You can have a magnificient spread of finest foods, and liquors, but if the people aren't there, you have nothing.  I just want to say throughout your I see the thread of being free, independant, to think for yourself, in spite of what anyone else thinks or says.  You only have one life, I would much rather spend it like the people in the image enjoying life, than cowering in fear just wasting it. 

    • Top Member

      Very nicely put, Robin...  :D

  • Top Commentor

    This sounds great. I joined IBO some time ago but I really haven't been active on there. But I know I need to connect more. 

  • Top Member

    What a fantastic testimony about Syndication Express. I am proud and honored to read this post by my dear friend Robin Robinson. I appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts about the SE platform for bloggers, article writers and authors. 

  • Top Commentor

    If I wasn't feeling peckish before reading this then I sure as heck am salivating now Robin! What a feast you've served up. A gourmet extravaganza of all that is wonderful in Terri's Syndication Express kitchen and the wonderful people who inhabit it. Slapup feeds don't come any tastier than this!

    • Top Commentor

      I'm honored Tom with this comment coming from you.  You're writing is impeccable and I've become a fan.  The lessons I've learned from your writings I haven't found anywhere else.  And you deliver the lessons in a way that makes me feel like I'm in your office in the sunny south of Portugal having a conversation face to face.  

      Another thing I discovered since reading "The Secret World of Self Employment" it's not just about having a business, but controlling your own life.  I was having a conversation with my daughter, about the Book, and she said everyone is not cut out to run their own business.  My daughter loves her job, but it's physical work, and it's working on her body.  I told her the lessons in the Book, could even help in her career, so she could find a position that's she's happy with in her field.  The Book should be a Best Seller for sure. 

    • Top Commentor

      Your daughter is right Robin, not everyone is cut ou to run their own business, and I state that in the book. But ... big BUT ... everyone is cut out to run the business of their lives! It is everyone's responsibility to honour that challenge.

    • Top Commentor

      Your comment is profound Tom.  My daughter thought I was trying to tell her the only way to be successful is to be an entrepreanur.  But your comment particularly the last part about "But ... big BUT ... everyone is cut out to run the business of their lives! It is everyone's responsibility to honour that challenge", summed up perfectly what I was trying to say.  And she agreed with it 100%.  It's sad that so many people lose out because they won't or in some cases can't rise to the challenge to make themselves happy.  

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