The Best Man I Ever Knew

The best man I ever knew.

He is always there to help, he is the shinning star in the darkness. When hardship's comes to him he just smiles and says its ok even though he is filled with pain. Waiting for the ambulance to come and pick him up, he says get my wallet. I say ok and look inside, what do I find a picture of me and my brother. It's an old one, I was 10 and my brother was 2. That's how he still see us, as his babies.

What a bumpy ride to the hospital he says with a laugh. He can't hear so well anymore but that's fine the words I love you is written on all over my face and his. The nurse's are gathered around him and one says to me I hope he will be alright, he is such a sweet soul, I say yes he is.

Thats my dad I say, the best man I ever knew. 

I dedicate this to my dad and all the other dad's out there. If you are lucky to still have yours let them know everyday how much they mean to you and thank them for the sacrifices they have made though-out their lives to protect,guide and teach you to be the best "you" can be.

Many blessings to you my friends.

Christine Forsythe 

"The greatest gift I ever had, came from God, and I call him dad!" - Anonymous

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  • Beautiful release about your dad Christine.  Liked and shared.

  • Thank you for telling tour story with me.

  • Thank you Gianmichael for that video, it is great.  I have never heard that one before and what a fantastic singer she is.

  • Thank you everyone for your kind comments, I need to clarify that my dad is still with us just not in good shape, the above post is a dedication to my dad while he is still with me. I hope i have not offended anyone. The above really did happen just this past Saturday he is home from the hospital now. I had forgot about this song by Reba Dr. Gianmichael thank you for posting it.

  • Beautiful words Christine.  I lost my dad 28 years ago and we never got on but really missed him when he was gone.

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    Very good Christine and since my father is no longer with me. I do appreciate every thing he did. What a blessing to have him as my dad. Shared your post for more to read.

  • Beautiful dedication Christine.  It made me think of my dad, who is gone but still here in me and my siblings.  You are great to advise expressing our care for our loved ones while they are with us.  May you be comforted as you and your family go through this ordeal.

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