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The Freedom to Fly

The Freedom to Fly

The Freedom to Fly

The freedom to fly is yours but you must stretch your wings. There are those of us that soar and there are those of us that stand on the ground watching the graceful show in the sky.

Which are you? Will you exercise "Your" right to fly or will you stand on the ground and watch others?

Flying does not only pertain to the act of being high in the sky. Flying also encompasses your excitement, your soul and general happiness.

Remember when you were young, those things that made your spirits rise to the point of feeling if you jumped up in the air you would just take off straight up zooming around in space?

The Freedom to Fly

That is the freedom of flying. Heck you don't even need a plane!

What you do need is the knowledge that you were meant to have this freedom. You were not born to normalcy you were born unique, without wings yet still able to fly!

Why do you keep yourself Earth bound by being normal? Drop the normal you. Find the unique abnormal person within you that knows without a doubt that you can and will fly, wings or no wings!

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    Thank you Timothy and Merle, I appreciate your comments and I am so glad you enjoyed my blog. :)

  • Loved it Susan! 

  • Great read Susan, thanks for sharing.

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    Thank you Albert and Terri :) I appreciate it very much.

  • Susan, I enjoyed your post!  Tweeted!

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    Susan you have definitely nailed in this post. I especially like the part when you said to find the unique abnormal person within you. This is priceless and I am very happy to share this all over the internet. Woohoo!!

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