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The Irony of  Political Decisions Due to Political Pressures




Political decisions are made not on what is right or wrong but rather on what is in demand. It is much like the latest hot selling item at the store.



What ever the majority of the===>Read More Here!

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    I agree with Terri to Merle, it's so sad and I know what you mean by the grandchildren. You know you read about it in the Bible that it is coming but to actually see things unfolding right in front of you is well mind bending.

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    Hi Terri, yes I agree like Merle with you the devil is rearing his ugly head and I think about it and cant see why more Christians don't stand up for their rights. All I know is we pray and pray and then pray some more.

  • Hsve to agree with Terri on this one Susan.  I just feel the whole world has gone crazy recently and I feel really sorry for my grandchildren and more so for the great grandchildren having to grow up in this crazy world.  Thanks for sharing.

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    The people that are wicked and evil are following Satan the devil. He is guiding them to do evil and be wicked like him. Satan knows his time is almost up, so he wants to get as many people as he can away from God.  We must draw close to God and not let Satan tempt us with greed and money. God will provide all we need. He knows what we need and we must remain faithful and believe in him. We must follow Jesus example of humility and remain loyal to God the Father and creator of Heaven and Earth. Thank you Susan for your thoughts on the wickedness and evil in the world today. Pray and continue to trust in God.

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