I see people who come to Syndication Express, post a few blogs, then disappear. They don't read, let alone comment, on other people's blogs, but expect everyone else to read, comment and share their blogs so their ranking will go up.

This reminds me of an off-line networking system, sometimes known as the cocktail party. There's always one guy who comes in, starts talking and won't let anyone else talk. He assumes that everyone else should pay attention to what he has to say, since he is an expert in whatever subject is on the floor. He doesn't feel the need to listen to anyone else, because, after all, what possible information or advice could they have that he doesn't have already? He's the party bully. Eventually, we all "get his number" and avoid him whenever possible when he comes into the room. We don't really want to hear what he has to say, even if it has value, because we know he will not value anything we have to say; he won't even let us say it.

The online version of the party bully is the "post and run" person. He gives the impression that he doesn't value any ideas but his own. Eventually, no one reads his posts, and he wonders why. His rankings go down, and he wonders why. Like the party bully, he wonders why no one wants to talk to him, and he doesn't realize that no one wants to be talked at by him.

When you never read another's post but expect others to listen to you by reading your posts, you are doing a disservice to the concept of online community. We are in a sense a perpetual party where people can interact with each other. Someone with an inflated ego may think that nobody else has anything worthwhile to say, but it's not true here, just like it's not true in the offline world. After all, how can you grow if you never listen to others? If you don't hear others by reading their posts, how can you get to know them? How can you entertain new ideas if you never bother to read them?

My mom used to say we have two ears, two eyes and only one mouth, and they should be used in proportion. So listen more than you speak, and you'll be surprised what ideas can enter your head.

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  • This was a great post first time around and have enjoyed reading again.  Shared again for you as there are a lot of people out there who need to read this.

  • You said it all,I believe this is a big part why folks can't learn,they are always in a hurry to post their own stuff and run.This is an awesome post and will share across the web.

  • So true Carolyn . I have learned alot by reading other;s blogs and posts. A very important and timely post. Have a great weekend. Sharing on twitter.

  • This is such a great article Carolyn that it needs to be read again.  Thanks for sharing.

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    Had to share this one again. Enjoyed reading this one again Carolyn. It's on point and I will post this on the Syndication Express blog for many, many more to see.

  • Wow great  post.

  • That was awesomely sweet Carolyn
  • Awesome post Carolyn, I have noticed that some people post and run too.  I was going to write an article about it.  Thank you for sharing.  I will share for others to read!!

  • Great post Carolyn, I understand where you coming from. Liked, tweeted and shared on Google+ for you.

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    This is really a thought provoking blog. If this hadn't found its way into one of my Facebook groups I probably wouldn't have known of its existence. Time is a valuable resource and many of us never find enough. Unlike most I don't expect others to read my work here unless they choose to. There isn't much. I do pop in and share the work of others when I can. The value of this group is to give me more great content to share to my social media. I don't share anything I don't read. I may not leave a comment though. 

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