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First of all, thank you to George Pierce for making me think about this particular blog post. 


There is a power in FREE...


The power of FREE is for you to be creative and to give you a low 

barrier of entry. 


That means on your make money online journey, in particular with 

affiliate marketing, you should allow not having money to slow you down. 


And that is a good thing. 


Being able to start your make money online journey for free 

leaves you with little to no excuses


This is something I wish I would have found out earlier in my 

affiliate marketing journey. 


The gurus will tell you that you have to pay to play, but that is 

simply not true. 


They say that because they want you to buy their courses, consume their content, 

and depend on them. 


I heard a marketer say something profound....

"The gurus make money by teaching you how to make money but they don't do what they teach"..


But, to my point, you should look for ways to start your journey free, with little cost as possible. 


And then you can use your commissions/earnings to upgrade to more opportunity. 


I invite that you read my blog post below as I share a little more 

as to why you should start out your make money online journey free. 





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John Jackson

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    I use a method that I learned many years ago called the Bum Marketing Method.  I learned it from Travis Sago, when his wife saw it, she said that even a bum could do this, thus the name.  With this method, you build your web page and your content around one keyword, and at that time, I believe that you used about a 2% keyword saturation, now it is about 1/2 to 1%.  The idea is that search engines like this it is a way to get the search engines on your side.  The idea is that you initially focus on keywords that have good search and low competition, and eventually create a page for every keyword phrase in your niche.  Although that might not be possible, the idea is that you have one page and one page only for just about every keyword and keyword phrase that your prospect might use.  My first explosive experience with this kind of SEO was about 15 years ago with a forum.  I discovered that once one search engine follows, the rest will follow, and once you explode, the snowball effect is mind-blowing.  I think it took about 3 years to get to 1M visits a mo., then it went to over 8M in about the next six months.  My suggestion is one keyword per page with a 1/2% saturation, and cover at least the top 200 to 500 keywords.  

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      Information of super value George ... and it's 'ben there done it' info too, not theory. Readers take note.

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      Wow...Thank you for sharing this George. Absolutely amazing strategy!

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      It usually takes me 6 to 8 weeks to start to see reasonable traffic results. If you do not see results, let me know, I had one site that the search engines seemed to hate-grin.  I have a secret free strategy that you can use to prime the SEO traffic pump if needed.  I believe my first site that snowballed took actually about 42 months to get to a million.  It sold about nine months later at about 11M.  I got it down to about 24 to 30 months to start to snowball.  When a site is generating this kind of traffic for FREE and almost on AUTOPILOT, it can fetch a pretty penny.  Much success, my friend.  I posted proof of another similar traffic success on IBO, but I cannot find it and I had to use an OLD browser just to get on IBO as a guest. Much success, my friend. 

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    Allow me to add:   Based on your site HTML. I am guessing that you are not getting the organic traffic that you should.  By steadily adding content you should see steady traffic growth, eventually, explosive growth,  If you are not, I have a simple SEO suggestion that will help. I see so many good people come and go, and I hate it when they go  On-site SEO is a powerful and easy way to get superb organic mentioned, with steadily added content.   I am rooting for you, thanks, John.

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    They don't do what they teach!  You know that I am a huge proponent of free and low cost because it is the right way to do biz,  Thanks for adding 'don't stay there'.  

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      Yes, you are and I admire that because it leaves out the excuses. All it takes is minimizing costs and have a strategy in place for earning profits. I wish I would have known this in the beginnning. LOL

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    There is nothing wrong with free, which you stated in this post. I hate when people use spillover as a way to get people to join their business opportunity. What this does is attract a lot of lazy people that won't do anything but sit around waiting on spillover to happen. This is a time waster for the person that is doing this and to be honest, it usually makes you want to quit. Now you're feeling not very successful. This is why I hate when people talk about spillover. However your post is very different and you're telling the truth as well. Thanks John and I enjoyed your videos and keep up the great work of education and being a fantastic resource of information.  

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      Thank you for the support and allowing me to be a part of this platform. I appreciate the compliment as well. 

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