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Website security and branding

What does website security have to do with branding? It is pretty simple really. You have a website to show off your brand, if it is hacked people are only going to find your content posted outside the website, and social media. The website will be missing. Since the website's function is to find buyers and give them a place to buy you stop earning if your website can't be found. It makes sense to have redundency. Yes it is possible if you learn how. 

When I built my first website in 2000 there was no thought given to security. Actually until one of the websites I created was hacked in 2012, I never gave it much thought. 

With website security you want to start your defence at the website host.  Those with security already set in place most often won't let you make changes. With every one I have used where security was already in place there was no issue. I have never had a site hacked that had security already in place. 

Make sure the passwords you use for your domain name host, and hosting company are hard to crack. Always use  passwords that are as complex as possible, and never use those passwords any place else. You really don't want to make it simple for a hacker to gain access to your website. Also be careful about the plugins you add. Many of them will let a hacker in as well. 

There are many hosts though who give you control of security. This can be a good thing. The same part of the host that controls security is also where you can make changes, which speed up the website. Just make sure you add security features. In today's world most of the security is handled through wordpress. Make sure you choose the security addon that is right for you. 

If you want to know more about website security, information is available through an internet search.  


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    Timely advice Dennis, readers should take note and act. I design from scratch and manage my own websites since teaching myself html over twenty years ago, those are my first lines of defence. My server has been with me the same time, defence number two. No-one ever gets the keys to my site, same as with money! My site is never interactive, defence three - I let the interaction happen 'somewhere else' at someone else's risk and expense. I added SSL recently on your advice, not because of security, but for Google search - so thanks for that.
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      Adding the SSL certificate was a smart move. You have added more value to those you are helping. Controlling everything is a smart move as well.
  • Dennis, thanks for your post regarding the importance of website security and how being hacked can really hurt your brand...

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    Thanks Merle, Bill & Teddy, and Judy. Without some kind of website security chances are you will be hacked at some point. Malware is a given unless you do something to stop it. 

  • Thank you for all of this info Dennis. Have a wonderful day.

  • Thanks for this information.  We'll need to check it out.

  • Thanks for the tip Dennie

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    Thanks Merle. I recommend Starrtech video tutorial library to anyone with a website. The site runs on a donation basis. The website you save may be your own. 

  • Thanks for sharing this very valuable information Dennis.

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    Thanks Terri. Choosing the right hosting is just part of the solution especially for those with WordPress websites. Someone hacking a website won't stop a brand, it will however make it impossible to be paid, which in reality is shutting down the brand. 

    When my website was hacked the cost to put it back online varied from $49,99 might work, to $399.00.  I was blocked at every attempt to get into my own back office. It took six weeks just to prove I was the owner of the website and person paying for hosting. In the end I lost the entire website because the hacker managed to access the root directory leaving land mines that effectively made it worthless. 

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