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Gosh, today I opened my email to no less than 7 emails about "the 4 hormones that cause weight gain" from all the new Guru Doctors that seem to be giving free advice these days. You know, the ones like Dr. Oz (who one days says GMO's are Dangerous and then accepts money from the GMO lobby and then rights an article saying GMO's are okay!!)

The Truth about your weight, weight gain, and weight loss is less dramatic and very simple. When I was growing up in the 50's and 60's in New Jersey (The Garden State) we ate foods that were "in season", grown locally and tasted GOOD, not like Plastic Food. It was a treat to get an Avocado from Florida, because it was transported down the Eastern coastline, or even Vidalia Onions from Georgia, for the same reason.

Today's food comes from thousands of miles away, or even from another country, and laden with sprays, insecticides and IRRADIATED which kills the nutrient content. Plastic Food maybe? Certainly NO nutritional content!

My Grandpa's friends owned chicken farms... open air farms where the chickens all grazed the land and had covered coops to go into at night or when there was rain or a storm. TODAY chicken "factories" feed chickens ground up chicken parts (ewe!) and GMO corn, growth hormone and then antibiotics because they are packed into dark cement houses without the room to move.

What's this all got to do with your WEIGHT and HORMONES? It's really simple!

When we put Un-natural substances into our bodies (from the food we eat) our bodies begin to get sluggish, slow down and then break down. Kind of like a car when you put in a bad tank of gas! Putt- putt- putt-- then it stops!

When our bodies start to slow down and break down,  our Adrenal Glands and other systems try to take up the slack, and start working overtime, STRESSING OUT our entire being, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Putt-putt- putt- STOP! Dis-ease sets in and we are now in a vicious circle, gaining or losing weight as a result of the STRESS, creating a viscous circle with our fluctuating HORMONES, until we break down all together.

Stress creates Cortisol, the Death Hormone, AND creates what I call "Cortisol Butter" (FAT) and weight gain.

Next Stop? Some people opt for the nearest doctors office and a prescription pad filled with MORE toxic substances, which really MASK the symptoms and do NOT HEAL anything, yet contribute to MORE toxic breakdowns. Vis=cious Circle again.

My 40 years of experience in natural remedies (from my Daddy, the Pharmacologist) taught me that we need to

1- Eat what is in Season and Locally farmed or grown

2- Understand the quality of the food you are eating and endeavor to eat NON GMO, HORMONE            FREE foods

3- LEARN to be responsible for ourselves and our family's health and wellbeing

4- LEARN about and EMBRACE natural, old fashioned, time tested remedies that will help our clogged     up systems work correctly, REBALANCE, REPAIR and REJUVENATE

5- Drink plenty of pure water (use a filter) daily, but don't over do it or you wash away needed minerals

6- STAY AWAY from ANYTHING with High Fructose Corn Syrup

How can YOU start to balance out your hormones so your body Rebalances itself and can begin to Repair, Rejuvenate and Rebuild itself? 

~~Follow your tastebuds and

~~Find a good natural store or Farmers Market.

~~Eat in Season (with a treat here or there).

Additionally, I use Laminine to keep my body and hormones balanced. It is NOT artificial, it is a CATALYST product, which means it does nothing EXCEPT HELP MY OWN BODY hum like a race car and Repair, Rejuvenate and Rebuild anything or any toxic substance that might enter my system, and because it is composed of the 22 Essential Amino Acids necessary for Optimum health, my body, at 64 has NEVER looked, felt or performed better, especially in these trying times with all those GMO and adulterated foods (especially the dangerous High Fructose Corn Syrups that are in almost EVERYTHING these days!)

We are always available for a free health and wellness consultation and can be contacted at 512.472.2604, CST. You can learn more about Laminine at or simply give us a call to discuss how Laminine will impact your family's health and wellness.

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  • Great article RS. Loved and shared for you! Laminine is a wonderful product to restore balance within the body.

  • Great post with plenty of advice and information for us to digest.  Thanks for sharing.

  • Great article RS and stocked full of great information.  Thanks for sharing.  Liked -Shared and Google+

  • Fantastic RS! Tell it like it is. We are responsible for what goes into our bodies. Amen!

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    Thanks so much, Terri. Be SURE that any seeds you get are "Heritage" seeds for your fruits and veggies. That is, they are NOT GMO seeds, which are sterile. You can google for Heritage seeds or get them from a Farmers Market in your area ;-)

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    Fresh natural foods are great and surely healthy. I am growing veggies as well. These days you just don't know what you will find in your food. You have certainly helped a lot with this post. Facebook like and share, tweeted and Google + as well. Glad to know you RS, I look forward to reading more from you.

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    Thanks so much, Carolyn. I used to garden 500 sq ft when my son was little so he could learn about gardening and where food actually came from. Please see my previous blog post for a link to YOUR local farmers markets and CSA's.

  • Good post, RS. The closer we get to natural foods, the better. I'm really looking forward to the farmer's market this year, and I'm even trying to grow my own veggies.

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    Thanks Gianmichael, you know if people understood the importance of what they eat and how our body is really a machine that needs quality fuel, we would all be able to maintain a good quality of wellness and health. Instead, folks are Stressed out to the Max, Overweight because of the fluctuating Cortisol levels and are even in danger of Death by Cortisol as cited in the Study by the same name

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