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What Are Our Rights

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What are our rights? Do you know? Does most Americans even know? Sure, we know about our Bill of Rights but do people actually read them? Do we just assume that we are afforded our rights by the Government?

Doesn't it seem reasonable with something so important as our Freedom we should have a better understanding of the rights our forefathers fought and died for? Shouldn't we in our infinite wisdom and understanding accept the fact that some of the rights are not as popular as other rights yet are still just as important.

Examples of this are using cell phones in our cars, wearing of seat belts, the right to bare arms and recently the newest of invasions of privacy; the News Story that broke from Edward Snowden...

How far? How far does it have to go before it's crossing a line into invasion of privacy? How far over the line is it to taking our rights away? Once that door is opened even a crack it will bust wide open. It will not stop with just listening into your phone calls or your email.

There is another story of interest along these lines that just came out about New Jersey talking about a ruling that if you have an accident that the police can confiscate your phone, go all through that phone to see if you were sending someone a text message. They can take your phone without a warrant no questions asked.

Where does this all stop? How does this all stop? Can it be stopped?

The answer is yes it can but it will have to be a united effort from us as Americans. You must look past what you personally feel is the (right thing to do) and start looking at the situation from the (personal rights and legality) side.

Personal feeling will have to be put aside in many cases to do this. I say this because there are some extremely hot issue concerning personal rights. These issues divide a country into those looking at rights and those looking at emotion.

Put your personal emotion away pull out your passion for human rights.

Share this post help us Unite our effort to take back our rights! It's time we stop the handful from making decisions for the masses.

It's time we revived this country to what our FOREFATHERS saw in their visions.

Call your Governmental Officials in your voting districts, write them, email them, let them know it's time they took what is good for the masses to the White House and stop cowering down to what a handful of people in higher places thinks is best!


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