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What Living With A Child Like Spirit is Like

Living with a child like spirit is close to never growing up in many ways. It's not that my brain didn't grow or mature it's just that my spirit and soul stayed child like. My ability to believe in things I cannot necessarily see remains in tacked. This is the simple system that runs and motivates little children. Unfortunately it's also what====>Read More

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  • Thanks Susan G+ childlike what a joy to read...

  • Bless you Susan, hope all goes well for you and look forward to seeing you back full time xx

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    Hi Sandra, Merle and Terri,

    Thanks so much you guys :) I'm trying to get some post in when I can. I'm doing well from the heart surgery. I've been working on getting my eyes fixed I had cataracts so got the right one fixed and the tenth of Aug. They will do my other eye. :) then I hope will be back full time again but I also learned a lot over the past 4 or 5 months so I do know that I will write and all but will also spend more time out in the real world :) thanks again for the comments and sharing my post I will be back ASAP full time. bless you all

  • So true, Susan.  This is a wonderful commentary on looking at the world through a child's eyes.  Thank you.  I shared it on Google + .

  • Loved it Susan and glad you are about and well again.  All the best.

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    Glad to see you writing again and that you came through your heart surgery. Thanks be to God and many continued blessings for you. I enjoyed your post as always. Having that child like spirit sounds good to me.

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