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There are a lot of juice recipes for weight loss available today. It's mostly just a matter of finding one that you find easy to make and you like the taste of it. This is a tried and true method for weight loss and if you go about it in the right way, you can have success too.

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It's really easy, when you are desperate to lose weight, to get caught up in one fad diet after another. Some of these fad diets may actually help you lose some weight, but you do have to ask yourself two very important questions before you decide to give it a try:

1. Is the weight loss solely the result of water weight loss? If so, you will most likely just gain back any weight you lose. What you really want to do is find diets that will help you lose unwanted body fat and not just lose pounds of water weight.

2. Is the diet something that you can reasonably expect to stay on for a lifetime? Now, this can be a little tricky because sometimes a short term diet can still be a good thing if you use it as a springboard to healthier habits and don't expect it to be the answer to your weight loss prayers.

Juice Recipes For Weight Loss

Juice recipes for weight loss can actually be good for you for your lifetime. Alone, it won't be enough to lose hundreds of pounds, for most people, but it can be a great addition to a healthy eating plan and a strong workout regimen.

We recommend doing a juice diet as a 48 hour cleanse, before you begin a healthier eating program, supplemented by a nutritionally-based weight loss program, like the 90-Day Weight Loss Challenge from EPX Body. Take the challenge here:
Combining the benefits of a juicing diet with these other two components can really help you achieve all your weight loss goals.

This is the most nutritious way to consume food.

Here is just one of many juice recipes. If you are really interested you can find many other recipes. To get the most out of your diet you may want to consider investing in a juicer so you can get the freshest juice possible:

A variety of exotic natural treats will please your family and friends!

This recipe makes 4 servings:

1 cup strawberries, sliced
1 1/2 orange juice
1 whole mango, peeled and cut
2 kiwi peeled and cut
1 to tablespoons of honey
1/2 cup seltzer

Mix the ingredients together (except the seltzer) on puree until smooth. Pour into a glass and stir in seltzer. Serve over ice if desired.

There are a few "tools" that will make this a little easier to accomplish. Of course one of the most important things is a good quality blender.

A Juicer In Your Kitchen

Next, having a juicer so you can have fresh juice to use in all your recipes would be nice. And don't just get stuck on the idea of fruit juices, vegetable juice can work great too and it will also give you that much more variety.

Juicers are machines that extract fresh juice from vegetables & fruits, fresh herbs, and/or wheat grass, to get the most nutrients out of them for your body.

A juicer provides easily digestible fresh raw power drinks teeming with enzymes.

This is just one of many recipes you can find, or create, that will help your weight loss goals along. Since many people don't get enough fresh fruits and vegetables in their daily diet, this is an excellent way to introduce more healthy foods into your diet on a daily basis.

Got Some Ideas For Your Own Juicer Recipes?

Look online, in your local library or book store, or even get creative and come up with your own recipes. There are almost unlimited options when looking for juice recipes for weight loss. You can lose weight, eat more healthy and never get bored, how neat is that?

For more information about healthy ways to lose weight and stay fit, get in touch, or visit my website at:
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