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When Asked About Your Depression is Your Answer...


Is this you when someone ask you about your depression? FYI, "you don't got this"! You are not alright, and you can't handle this on your own. If this is what you think you're only going to get worse.====>Read More

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    Hi Terri, Yes the world is more and more depressed it's shocking to see the count of all those suffering with it. I have battled it off and on for many years but I've been one of the lucky ones and one of the smart ones that do take meds for it.

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    Depression is no shame, in fact I see it as a growing problem due to the economy of the world. Things are not alright in the world and I feel that it won't be if people don't look to God for help. He is there waiting to help us when we come to him. He will never forsake us. He loves us unconditionally. What an awesome thing to know, it is up to us to accept his help. He is waiting to make things alright again.Thank Susan for sharing your article about depression.  

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