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Where Does Happiness Come From?


Have you ever wonder about this? You will hear people say, "Life is what you make it." Is it? I am afraid I have to take exception to this statement, and here is why. Read the rest here and please leave me comments. Thank you 

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  • Top Commentor
    Great to read your views on happiness Susan. A thought-provacative read indeed.
  • Top Commentor
    Susan, what a nice share especially now, when people are going through so much uncertainty. You may have to really take time with yourself to find your happiness but it can only come from you. Also very good point at the end about seeking medical attention if you can't shake feelings of sadness, loneliness, gloom, because mental illness is a serious problem.
    • Top Blogger
      Thank you Robin these are desperate times and such sad ones :( I just wish I could find the right words to fix everything. Thank you for reading
  • Top Member
    Happiness is inside of us indeed. I enjoyed reading your post and well done Susan.
    • Top Blogger
      Thank you Terri I enjoy writing. I'm always so happy to know people read and enjoy them
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