Negative people obsess over the past while positive people
work their way eagerly toward the future. Life gets better
and better when you choose to make it so, and the future is bright indeed.

There are some events that you can influence by making
intelligent choices and by taking decisive action. There are
other events and situations that are completely out of your control.

You have what it takes to successfully deal with both.
There's no need to worry endlessly about what the future
will bring, for it always brings you new opportunities to
make a positive difference.

You can do your very best with those situations that are
under your control. And you can adapt and adjust to those
situations over which you have little or no influence.

The foolish actions of others can leave you hopelessly
frustrated if you allow them to do so. Keep in mind,
however, that there's nothing to be gained by working
yourself into a knot of frustration and resentment.

Instead, accept whatever comes your way and commit yourself
to finding the value in it and making the best of it. With a
positive, generous sense of purpose, there's no limit to
what you can achieve, even when conditions are less than ideal.

Things were not always Ideal for us but with Passion, Hard Work and Determination:
We're making it happen! 3818708609?profile=original

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