Zimbabwe’s Forgotten Children


One late winter night about two years ago after so tiresome work I was looking at youtube when I stumbled on this documentary and could not walk away until it ended. It resonated deep into my soul that I must share with the world. Its called Zimbabwe’s Forgotten Children.

"Zimbabwe’s Forgotten Children tells the story of three children – Esther, Grace, and Obert – struggling to survive in Zimbabwe after the political and economic meltdown. It is a heart-wrenching story which will reduce most viewers to tears and leave you unable to shake off the traumatic image of these children trying to survive on a daily basis. The common theme in the film is their desperate desire to go to school and receive an education.

The film has received many prestigious awards including UK BAFTA for Best Current Affairs, a USA Peabody Award, the Broadcast Digital award, Chicago Film Festival Gold Plaque, Rory Peck Sony Impact Award." https://zimbabweschildren.org/index.php/view-film-up

After viewing this documentary it brought me to a place within my being of contentment. At times I would complain about my desires and wants. When there are children who do not know where the next meal is coming from and being hungry for days on end, lack of shelter, clothing, and education.

I now keep this foundation very close to my heart. Why my heart one may say? Now I know better, the heart makes anything we want manifest, not the mind or brain. Yes, we use the brain to create and the heart is the fuel that keeps the passion inside towards whatever is our goals. The heart gives the emotion and feeling when I am focusing on my goals. Energy in motion.

We all know the holiday season is ahead, although there are lots of us who donate on a regular basis to a charity or organization. It would be wonderful to add another charity to your Christmas list and it does not cost a whole lot. We can create a better world one person at a time. Let's all give from the heart.

“Where there is charity and wisdom, There is neither fear nor ignorance.” St. Francis of  Assisi.


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    There have been those who have, and those who are in need since the beginning of the world. There have also been people who have with a heart to help others. To change the world there is going to have to be a system where everyone in every country will gain. Before the end there are going to be two factors in a struggle for control. One group is going to want to emancipate, the other to own. One believes there is enough of everything for everyone, the other creates scarcity. 

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    In Matthew 24 the Bible tells us of food shortage and many things that will occur in this world. Some things are happening now such as food shortages and earthquakes in the world. These are all signs of the end of this wicked system of this world. People don't have genuine care for people. I applaud you for sharing your post in the SE community. 

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