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How to get Free Exposure and Free Traffic


Hi All!  I am George Pierce, this post is about free exposure online which means free traffic.  Traffic is the lifeblood of any online venture. The fastest way to get traffic is to pay for it, but it is a mistake if you are new!   Unfortunately, your ROI will be negative, meaning that when you are new, your paid advertising will cost you more than you will earn.  

Your option is to use free methods to get "FREE EXPOSURE".  This is a great option, it is easy and it works.  There is a problem, however, and the problem is that it can take time, and, of course, it will take effort and persistence.  I know that is probably not what you wanted to hear, but I am hoping to help you avoid some of the mistakes that I made.  For example. I tried pad traffic, I figured out exactly how much I could afford to lose per day, per month, and I succeeded in losing that much with almost no return.  I then proceeded to learn 'everything' about free exposure and free traffic.  Of course, that did not work well either.  I should have focused on one free traffic method at a time, learned it, and became proficient at it, before adding more.  

Although I cannot legally make any promises, what I will be sharing are three steps that should help you to maximize your free exposure.  

#1 Find out what your audience wants, then give it to them!

This is called niche research or niche marketing or niche marketing research.  Whatever you want to call it, it needs to be your first step. If it is not, you are probably going to be basing your marketing on your opinion (as I have done).  In my case, that was another mistake.  The good news is that there are superb tools, free tools, that you can use to find out what your audience wants. The following list includes a few of these tools that will help you.  

Google Trends
Subreddit Stats
Answer the Public keyword tool
Answer Socrates keyword tool
Exploding Topics
Keyword Explorer (TubeBuddy)

#2 SEO 

Build your content around a keyword or keyword phrase that has good search and low competition.  In the list above, Keyword Explorer and Ubersuggest will help you with your keywords.  Include the keyword or phrase in your content (a 1/2 to 1% saturation) and your meta section. This is called on-site SEO.  It tells the search engines what your content is about so that when people are searching for the keyword or phrase that you use, they will send you free traffic.  The traffic is the best possible traffic.  If you create quality content, your visitors will stay and return, and when the search engines see this, they send MORE FREE TRAFFIC!  Your exposure is not only free, but it is also cumulative. It grows as your content grows. and it has a viral potential.  

Free tools that will help you with your meta section are Free Meta Tag Generator and SEO Optimizer.



#3 Share Your Content

Once you post your content, share it.  By sharing, you are gaining immediate exposure.  The best places to share your content are social media sites. Join several social media sites such as Facebook Reddit and Instagram, and share each time you post new content.

The following tools can help you with sharing, but the free versions are quite limited.  




Social Pilot


One of the best ways to share your content for free is right here, Syndication Express.

#4 BONUS  Make A Video

YouTube can be a huge source of traffic.  Making a video is NOT a big deal you will find that it is easy and FREE.  YouTube provides you with an opportunity for the most free exposure possible.  To make a short video, you can use your content as the basis for your script and free video creation tools.  I suggest you use a technique called the rest of the story.  Give your viewer a taste, and then invite them to visit your website, for the rest of the story.

Free tools that will make video creation easy are Clip Champ and Canva (online) and Open Shot (downloadable) with NO Watermark and I do not believe that there is a limit.  



Above is proof that what I am sharing will work.  However, if you take a look at the stats, you will easily see that almost all the growth has taken place in the last 28 days.  EVERY view and EVERY subscriber is free, so...what happened in the last 28 days?  

Accumulation!  Your free efforts will take time to accumulate,  However, the cumulative effect is one of the reasons how and why the Internet can exceed your imagination regarding your income potential.  What you are getting a glimpse of above is the very tip of the iceberg. I am posting almost a video a day...I missed a few uploads over the trumps all.  The channel has 78 videos so far and it is almost 3 months old.  It took about 6 to 8 weeks for traffic to start flowing, it takes about the same for a website.  

The search engines are smart, they will send us traffic and loads of traffic, but we have to show them that our content has value. On a website, the search engines see how long visitors stay, how many pages they visit, and if they return, and this tells them if your content is good or not.  On YT, the YT algorithm can look at watch time, subs, and returns, for example, to determine the value of your content.  Are you starting to see why step #1 is a MUST?  

In addition, we have to show the search engines that we are consistently posting content.  Sporadic posts are a NO NO!  But consistent posts with quality content, content that your visitors or viewers want, will pay you back with huge dividends as they 'accumulate'.  


 Thank you for reading.

Much success,

George Pierce

PS. The YT channel above is based on a Faceless Video strategy adaptation that incorporates the above training, I have adapted it to YT but without having to make videos, be on camera, or spend money.  If you are seeking a way to make money online, I invite you to watch my Faceless Video training.  


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  • Top Commentor

    Amazing content from you, George. Thank you for sharing these strategies. 

    • Top Video Contributor

      Give our audience what they want, and nowadays, free tools can tell us easily what we need to know.  Thank you, John.   

  • Top Commentor

    In any busines of any kind, exposure (marketing) and traffic (potential customers) should be the basic and key elements of the whole operation. Profitability, earning more than you spend, should be the simple goal. Why be in business otherwise? So free is hugely important. Smart operators aim to market their business in order to create footfall within it and at the least cost and greatest profit. As you know George, it's not rocket science but, then again, so many newcomers to the world of commerce, particularly so those coming online for 'easy earnings', are blinded to these simple realities. Hence the the value in having wise heads such as yours on hand to guide aspirants in the right direction.

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