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Hi All!  Above is an old trick that still works. Post a picture of your product or affiliate product with a Frequently Asked Question on social media sites.  DO NOT Link to your affiliate.  I recommend that you link to a YT video that gives a brief overview of your pictured product and that your Call To Action gives your viewers two options, to visit your review page and your comparison page, although you want to provide them with three options,   

#1 Buy Now with a link to your product or affiliate product

#2 Learn More About What We Have Discovered with a link to a web page about the page

#3 See how this TV (or your Product) compares to ... name two or three competitors and link to a comparison page.  

In your video, give your viewers a taste of what they can expect to find on your information page or review page, as well as your comparison page,  Use Your CTA as an invitation for them to get "The Rest Of The Story".  

When you use this technique, keep in mind what your prospect wants.  He/She wants a yes, no, or even a maybe, but more importantly, wants information and "ASSURANCE". Assurance that this is a good product, good purchase, a worthwhile investment, etc, or assurance that it is not.  It is OK to share the good and the bad, in fact, it makes for a better review and one that is more trustworthy. 

For example, your video CTA might the time we made this video, this TV is selling for under $100, which is a lot of TV for the money...or is it?  We will give you the answer and share what we have found, the good and the bad, you will find a link to the review page in the description. We have also compared this TV to three other low-cost name brands so you can see how this TV stacks up against the completion, a link to the comparison page is also in the description. 


I am using TVs as an example because, in my opinion, this is an example of an easier way for newbies to get started making money online as an affiliate marketer.  This post is sort of a continuation of my previous post about how comparison marketing can help newbies get off to a better start.

The following is a snapshot of some of the video tags that you could use on an onn 32" Walmart TV.  I share this because I struggled to make sales as a newbie.  Although I cannot make any guarantees, each tag below is a relative keyword phrase. If you install TubeBuddy, it is free, you will be able to see your own tags and your competitors' tags.


Each tag that has a green number is a tag that ranks on page one of the YT search....PAGE ONE FREE!

In the above example, 21 keyword phrases rank on page one, and 14 of those are going to be at or near the TOP!   Free Exposure!  Free Traffic!

People are searching for TVs, all kinds of TVs, including Walmart TVs (onn TVs).  TubeBuddy's Keyword Explorer will help you find tags that score well, in fact, it will do most of the work, and, as mentioned, it is free.  

My intent is that you see the amazing potential behind these simple steps.  

SUMMARY  ~ Do This!

Create a web page about onn TVs or your product (review page), create a comparison page showing how it compares to two or three other name brands, create a brief video using "the rest of the story" strategy, and share your videos on social media sites. 

To find relative questions, you can use Google and YouTube Autofill and Quora.   

Create an image similar to the one at the top of the post, share it on social media, and link it to your YT channel.  More Free Exposure and More Free Traffic!

Find another brand or relative niche such as a Roku TV, 4K, 8K, Smart TV, Insignia, Samsung, etc., I think you get the picture and repeat the process.  Then rinse and repeat again and again.  

Thank you for reading.

Much success,

George Pierce

PS. On FB, linking directly to your affiliate is not allowed.  


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    Such a simple but amazing strategy to consider. Thanks for sharing this George. 

    • Top Video Contributor

      I believe that most marketers spend too much time on creation and too little time on marketing and marketing is what makes it all happen, thank you, John.  That is what I like about the sites you share, creation is minimized and marketing is maximized.

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