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It Is NOT Working! What To Do


Hi All!  I am George Pierce, this post is about treating your online business like a business, especially when things are not working,  Please excuse the tough love, it is also about acting like an adult.  You are the boss, when it comes to making money online, so you must act accordingly.  

My most recent online adventure is doing poorly.  You can see the proof in the snapshot below. 


What you are seeing above is a snapshot of a recent YT channel.  About 30 days old.  

But that is not what matters!??

I am not happy about it, but it is almost good that you can see that even with experience, your online ventures do NOT work.  It is working, but poorly, certainly not as planned.  

The hard truth is that if you are a newbie if your results are like mine were, almost nothing online works well.  

What matters is how we react or respond.  

You and I can react positively or negatively.  Unfortunately, it seems to be a normal response to act negatively.  From a business point of view and from an adult point of view, a negative reaction is not going to help our biz.  

A positive response is to identify that something is wrong, that is certainly obvious, and then figure out what is wrong, and fix it.  

Posts have been regular daily, SEO has been good, content has been content that is what people want, negative reaction could be that 

YT hates my channel and people hate my videos and this stuff does not work!  

Or...there is a problem, dig a little deeper, find it, and fix it.  

I did dig deeper, the problem is what I call 'conflict'!???  An easy, easy, easy problem for beginners, a DUMB problem for someone with experience. 

Shame on me!

The conflict is that the channel has been a mixture of vintage content.  That sends mixed signals to YT so it does not know what the channel is about. What you see above is an example of what happens to your channel or website when your content is varied. In my case, I need to decide on the channel's niche and stick with it so that YT will know what it is about.  

The bottom line is that your initial efforts as a newbie may have less-than-expected results.  Please take a step back and react positively.  Making money online is a fantastic opportunity, setbacks are going to happen, and each one has a FIX.  YT or Google does not hate us, in fact, they want to to love our content, so stick with it, and they will.

12398156466?profile=RESIZE_710xAbove is another channel, about 120 days old, so you can see that a happy ending awaits.  

It may take a little practice, but it will get easier and easier to respond positively. Start now with the intent of making a positive response, a habit.

Thank you for reading.

Much success,

George Pierce

PS. For help with making money online, I invite you to visit my free Clickbank Training and my free YouTube Training


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  • Top Commentor

    Very well said George. It is all about finding out how to pivot int he right direction. 

    • Top Video Contributor

      Thank you, John. Your switching hosts inspired my most recent post, I hope you faired better than I did when I outgrew my hosting. 

    • Top Commentor

      Yes, things are working out with my switch so far. I just have to fill in the content. But I am happy with the switch. Thank you George. 

  • Top Commentor

    A valuable lesson here George.  I always relate mistakes or not getting it right the first time, to learning how to ride a bike.  You have to fall down, get scraped butj you get back up and try it again and until you get it.  Once you do it's something you never forget.  Then you can ride any where you want over and over again.  Once you know secret sauce, you can duplicate your success over and ovver again.  I like the way you Multitask:-)

    • Top Video Contributor

      Riding a bike is a perfect analogy, and as long as we keep getting back on the bike, we will learn how.  What is so exciting is that each time we fall off, we learn a little more, we usually do not realize that, but then, all of a sudden, we are riding our bike!  Thank you, Robin.

    • Top Commentor

      You're welcome George,  And some people take bike riding to the next level.  Those couriers who weave in and of traffic in busy downtown streets are amazing.  I wouldn't do that.  But in the marketing space it's the people who are always doing new things and  adding are the ones who enjoy the success.  As it should be. 

    • Top Video Contributor

      One of the many attractions of Internet Marketing is that trying new things is usually very easy and almost risk-free.   If it works, great, if it does not, no big deal.  Thank you, Robin.  

  • Top Member

    In one word, LEARN from your mistakes. I'm sure you did and now you're heading in the right direction. Thank you George for sharing your post today so people can know and learn from you. 

    • Top Video Contributor

      And I am getting so good at mistakes!  Mistakes are our best learning experiences, and mistakes help us grow, they are simply stepping stones to success, thank you, Terri, 

  • Top Commentor

    Your insightful guidance to follow when 'it is not working' almost equals going to the pub for a beer and offloading to the barmaid George! :-) Then again, her sympathetic ear is unlikely to rival your learned experience in matters internet marketing related from which I inevitably gain.  So we'll call it a draw!

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