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Online Tip ~ Over ENGAGE!


Hi Everyone!  I am George Pierce, I have been learning Internet Marketing for about 20 years, and I have been lucky at Internet Marketing for about 18 years.  On one of my recent online adventures, I tried something a little different which has been to "OVER ENGAGE"!  I follow a 3 step formula for my online marketing, the third step is sharing.  Step three is to share news of your content on social media whenever a new web page, video, blog post, Press Release, landing page, etc., is created.  The idea of sharing is to get exposure, which is immediate and free.  The immediate benefit is TRAFFIC!  

If you are not sharing your video or textual content on social media, you are missing out on a traffic opportunity that will benefit you in more ways than just traffic!  This post is about sharing and maximizing your benefits.  

The secret sauce is to over-engage.  


Above is the result of my "over-engage" experiment.  It is a snapshot of a YT channel that had its first view on November 10, 2023.  That is a few days over 4 months old (at the time of this post).  The results of this NEW channel that you are seeing above are free and organic, not paid.   

My thinking was that a new channel needs all the exposure that it can get.  The same can apply to a blog or website. What if extra effort were added to the third step in the form of OVER engagement?  I tried it, and it worked.  If it works for my content, it should work for yours.

What is Engagement?

Engagement involves sharing your content on social media, which is a step that you want to include, and it means being social.  Engagement is to participate in the social community which you are sharing your content with.  Posting your content and doing little to nothing more will equal little to nothing in return. If you have tried social media and it has not worked, it is because you were not 'social' enough.  

Engagement includes liking, sharing, and commenting.  Like other people's posts, share other people's posts, comment about other people's posts.  As part of over-engaging, respond to any comments that your posts receive, like and comment when your posts are shared, and go out of your way to be warm and friendly.  12400621455?profile=RESIZE_710x

Above is a snapshot of one of my FB groups.  What you sow, you shall reap.  Your engagement will be rewarded, in fact, it will end up being FUN!

Over-engaging is easier than you think.  When you share your content, click on the notification bell, and take action.  Keep your responses positive, considerate, and engaging, in other words, friendly and conversational. 


Questions are one of the best ways to generate a conversation but do not ask silly questions, and do not ask questions for the sake of asking questions.  What is going to happen is that you will soon be making friends and more friends and more friends.   

Know, Like, Trust

An important part of marketing is to get people to know like and trust you.  When that happens, everything seems to suddenly fall into place.  Over engaging can help you to make that happen.

Search Engines!

When you share your content you are not only going to benefit from all the above, you are also creating links to your content.  Since most social media sites are considered to be 'high-ranking' sites, your sharing generates high-ranking backlinks.  In the eyes of search engines, high-ranking backlinks are an indication that your content has value. 

As you share your content, be sure to give it a LIKE.  Your engagement is also going to create more likes from others, as well as comments, and shares. Your "conversations" result in more and more comments.  When search engines see content with lots of likes, shares, and comments, they consider that content to be 'engaging', and engaging content is also considered to be content that has value. 

The bottom line is that search engines are much more likely to share your content since it has value.  This can have a viral potential. 

Real Value!

There is a catch, that catch is that your content does have to have real value.  The examples above are ways to create perceived value, the real test is when visitors or viewers arrive.  Give them value!

Thank you for reading.

Much success,

George Pierce

PS.  If you would like to know more about my three steps, I invite you to watch my free training video.  The video is based on the faceless video strategy, but the steps apply to Internet Marketing and/or YouTube Marketing.  They will work for either and they should help you with your site, blog, channel, etc.


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  • Top Commentor

    Simple and true George. Be seen to be heard.

  • Top Commentor

    Good advice and very well said! 


    • Top Video Contributor

      The benefits are almost instant and cumulative, but like most things on the Net, our efforts must be consistent.  Thank you, John.  

  • Top Member

    Great post George Pierce This is exactly what SE does for the members. Your content gets syndicated on top social media sites and this gives massive exposure. SE does more than syndicate content, your content will get likes, shares and comments as well. 

    • Top Video Contributor

      I can vouch for SE getting free exposure and free traffic. I share what I do, which means that I am regularly on major social media sites and see first-hand what you are doing for SE members.  SE has outperformed all other social sites for my training channel for at least 2 years solid, month after month!  In the snapshot below, ning is SE.  Thank you, Terri.


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