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1. Post your link to your business website or primary blog here and give a description please.


2. Share your link to an article you wrote or read. YOU can share it with the members here on Syndication Express.


When you share your link here. Syndication Express members can visit the website or blog and share it to the various social and bookmarking sites. This will allow you to get one way backlinks and social signals for SEO purposes. 

Please don't post webinar announcements or splash pages here. The purpose of doing this is to help members get indexed and ranked so we will get free traffic from the search engines.

Using anchor texts links is critical for one way backlinks for SEO purposes.  (Learn more about anchor text links by clicking here ==> Anchor text links)

We want to help each other drive traffic to their website or blog.

Terri Pattio

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  • Hello everyone. 


    This is John Jackson. I am a tutor by trade but affiliate marketing is where my heart is. 


    I am looking to make affiliate marketing a full time venture one day but i am definitely still growing and learning. 


    My website is Share Of Money, the blog I created to share the information I have learned about various affiliate marketing programs and other aspects about affiliate marketing I picked up. 


    I am glad to be on this platform and hope to use this as a method to grow more. 

    Share Of Money
    The Share Of Money website will inspire aspiring entrepreneurs and others that want to make money online in their journey.
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      Hello John so happy to have you in the SE platform. I believe you'll be successful because you're a go-giver. The key to success is Relationships. This is another goal of the SE platform and you're definitely a person I'm happy to know. I wish you continued success in all you do. 

    • Thank you. I am looking forward to being on the platform. 

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    I have been part of Syndication since close to the start and didn't know this existed. It is a great way to get one way backlinks which is something everyone with a website needs.
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      Wow! You have been a member for almost eight years Dennis. I guess you were busy with your business and more active on IBO. I guess you missed this. Anyway it's exactly as you stated, it's a great way to get one-way backlinks and this is one reason why I added it to the site. One other reason I added this topic because it allows the SE members to share their business opportunity with the members here and they can check them out if they're interested.
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      This really makes sense to me. Glad you put it up. I will be using it for the brands I am working on now.
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      Glad to know it makes sense. Members should take advantage of the opportunity to gain those one way backlinks as well.
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    Great information in this article "The New Way to Chat With Your Visitors" by Neil Patel
    The New Way to Chat With Your Visitors
    Marketing has evolved into an omnichannel approach. This means you can no longer just go after one channel to succeed. Back in the day, companies lik…
  • Hi all.

    I have been a writer on Odesk but I decided to try Internet Marketing. My first blog deals with Car Grills and Accessories for major car models. It helps enlighten guys on the different styles to customize their vehicles and give tutorials on how to do-it-yourself tips. I intend to grow this site to an authority site in the Motor world in the next year. This could sound over ambitious, but some Keywords are showing some promising trends. Please visit to learn more about the niche.

  • Terri Pattio said:

    Yes I do Bob. I like your style and look forward to seeing you perform live one day.

    Bob Crawford said:

    Bob Crawford said:

    Terri Pattio said:

    Bob you are talented. I'm listening to it now. I love it and can I download it?

    Bob Crawford said:

    Bob Crawford Jazz--


    Terri--Please feel free to download anything that strikes your fancy...I'm so glad you like the music...:)

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