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1. Post your link to your business website or primary blog here and give a description please.


2. Share your link to an article you wrote or read. YOU can share it with the members here on Syndication Express.


When you share your link here. Syndication Express members can visit the website or blog and share it to the various social and bookmarking sites. This will allow you to get one way backlinks and social signals for SEO purposes. 

Please don't post webinar announcements or splash pages here. The purpose of doing this is to help members get indexed and ranked so we will get free traffic from the search engines.

Using anchor texts links is critical for one way backlinks for SEO purposes.  (Learn more about anchor text links by clicking here ==> Anchor text links)

We want to help each other drive traffic to their website or blog.

Terri Pattio

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     I have never met a business owner who couldn't improve their marketing. This information works for all types of businesses no matter how large or small.

    How can I simplify my marketing? 5 Tips for more efficient marketing
    Many small business owners struggle with their marketing. They work so hard to just "do business" that marketing becomes a time consuming chore. This…
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    Harmless talk can quickly turn ugly. How can you keep from being dragged in? View the video below:

    How can I stop the gossip?

    How Can I Stop the Gossip? | JW.ORG Whiteboard Videos
    It’s normal to talk about other people. But that talk can quickly turn ugly and damage a person’s good reputation. What can you do before this happen…
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    Hello Everyone, I am in Network Marketing and I am always looking to learn more.

    I took several years off but I am getting back in the game. I hope to eventually create my own website with some help of course. However I wanted to share a site with everyone as it works world wide.

    It is a free Lead Generation site to gain leads for any business that anyone across the globe builds for their personal use. Even though it is free anyone can also upgrade and receive training from the creator and make money while building their lead list at the same time, but not required.

    Lead Generation

    So I appreciate all of you and look to not only help others here but also create friends and partners over the years to come. Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions.

    24/7 Fast Start Join
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      I wish you all the best Bob with your lead generation system. This is something that online marketers need for sure. 

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      Thanks Terri, what I love about it the most is it can be used worldwide for free. Most of them charge monthly fees and that can get expensive for some individuals. The ones that choose to upgrade can earn an extra income and get training from an experienced Network Marketer. It will help so many people on many different levels.

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      Sounds great Bob and thank you for sharing your business tool. I'm sure many folks will see the benefit of what you're offering. 

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    Hello everyone. 


    This is John Jackson. I am a tutor by trade but affiliate marketing is where my heart is. 


    I am looking to make affiliate marketing a full time venture one day but i am definitely still growing and learning. 


    My website is Share Of Money, the blog I created to share the information I have learned about various affiliate marketing programs and other aspects about affiliate marketing I picked up. 


    I am glad to be on this platform and hope to use this as a method to grow more. 

    Share Of Money
    The Share Of Money website will inspire aspiring entrepreneurs and others that want to make money online in their journey.
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      Hello John so happy to have you in the SE platform. I believe you'll be successful because you're a go-giver. The key to success is Relationships. This is another goal of the SE platform and you're definitely a person I'm happy to know. I wish you continued success in all you do. 

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      Thank you. I am looking forward to being on the platform. 

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    I have been part of Syndication since close to the start and didn't know this existed. It is a great way to get one way backlinks which is something everyone with a website needs.
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