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As you all probably know I am a MLM Coach/Mentor with a servant's heart.

The information on my blog is to educate people about network marketing, and to give them the skills and training they need to succeed so they can make money online.

Please LIKE my fan page and follow my blog >>> FREE M-L-M Training

Thanks Ann. I want this site to be very good for us all.

I applaud your mission and your vision Ann.

Another new post has been added to the Syndication Express blog, so please be sure to read, share and leave your comments. A suggestion is to share the post with people you might want to invite to Syndication Express. I am hard at work on making this site be the best site on the internet for syndicating content and getting those much needed backlinks so we can get the traffic from Google. Thank you all for being a part of this networking community.

Read the post here >> Syndication Express - A Content Sharing Network

As many of you know my company is Lisech eMarketing. Since it is simpler to market a brand we provide branding services.This is handled on two levels. Holistic branding which covers brand design, Image and identity which can be taken to social media. The other is brand consulting and eMarketing tools which can be purchased seperately.  Each service has a website of its own. Sharing is a way of life for us. Even though we are an eMarketing company our keywords are brand/branding. Our latest "Brand content; who to please".This is the reason all our articles relate to the different aspects of branding. Our services are aimed at the branding tools people and companies use to market themselves or their products. 

Excellent description Dennis about your business. I am sure that you have helped a lot of people with their online and offline branding. It is important to brand your name and have integrity because it is your reputation that will lead people to trusting you and they will want to do business with you. BTW your article today was brilliant as usual

Cheers for you Dennis.

A new post to my blog, you can read it at the link below: 

MLM Training - More gotcha clauses to watch for in your policies an...

I look forward to your feedback. Have a great day.

We have seen these clauses more than once. A few who had tools we needed, we joined. Otherwise we left them alone. The goal here is to create a way for the women and children to be taken care of. None of them are related, and I am not married, so a spouse clause would do no good. Anything we do has to be joined by the company or with a way to transfer it to the survivors here. I am 10 years older than the oldest we have taken in and normally at least 30 years older. 

A new post has been added to the Syndication Express blog. Your thoughts and comments are appreciated. Check out the changes I made. Click the link below

Syndication Express - Blog and Article Syndication SEO Link Buildin...

Have a great day and weekend.

Terri Pattio

Check out the latest post to the Syndication Express blog. Please read, comment and share for other writers to know about the site.

Click here to read >>> Syndication Express - Backlinks, Backlinks And More Backlinks PLUS ...

Hey all - my main company has a mission of providing tomorrow's foods at today's prices.  Freeze drying has really enhanced overall food quality, texture, taste, and longevity.  Shelf life on our products are from between 2 - 25 years with 20 being the most common.  After opening - they still have a shelf life of 1-2 years.  Not only are they applicable for emergency food storage, but, of such a high quality that we can really "store what we eat and eat what we store".  The best thing is that we don't throw away rotten fruit and veggies any more.  We only use what we need when we need it.  I donate 10% of my sales to the local food bank and the company donates 5% of annual profits to a Thrive international food bank.  Some great December sales  http://www.shelfreliance.com/leesprep

The harsh reality for all of us who lead businesses and organizations is that, at the end of the day, we're responsible for the growth or plateau or decline of our businesses or organizations. Why? Because they're always a direct reflect of us.

So, back to my original question. If you want to grow your business or organization this year, how are you going to change you? Who do you need to become to be the person (in the case of our illustration above) to lead a $1.3M vs. a $1M business (or, even better, to lead a $2M business. Why? Because you need to change ahead of your business).

To make this incredibly practical, here's what I'd recommend. Take out a sheet of paper (or open a mind map on your computer) and put a circle in the middle. In the middle of the circle write, "Who Do I Need to Become to Lead a ______ Business (insert your revenue number for the blank)?

Next, if you want to create change with anything in life, there are only four options (more, less, start, stop). Write these four options out like four spokes on a wheel and then write your answers out from each of the four main spokes. So, what are the four options that form the four main spokes

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