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My Experience as an Entrepreneur’s Wife

Hello, my name is Nicole Purdum and I’m married to an entrepreneur.

3818717269?profile=originalIt’s a simple statement on the surface but if you take a minute to peel back the layers, you will find there is so much more.

For the past decade my husband has devoted much of his time blazing his own trail of work not wanting to be suppressed by the demands of a job or a boss.

Maybe your husband or wife is the same?

The entrepreneur looks something like this: In addition to not wanting to be stuck “working for the man,” they have incredible creativity, amazing ideas, a rose colored outlook on their future, a strong drive, and most of all are a risk taker.

The will sacrifice cars, the house, even the family dog if it means they have the opportunity to accomplish their dreams and goals.

Insert me here...

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Secrets to a Happy Marriage!

D3818716661?profile=originalo you have a happy marriage? Do you want the secrets to having a happy marriage? Odds are you are content in your marriage right now, but are you happy together? I have a few ideas of how you can stoke the magic once again.

Every day, I see couples that look just miserable together. I the grocery store, Target, the amusement park, fighting in the car, grumpy at church; it doesn't seem to matter.

Why? Why are people so unsatisfied and so unfulfilled?

I’m sure I could give you a hundred answers, and a thousand people could tell me an answer or two.

But let me give you the most obvious below to get the answer and a few tips and secrets to having a happy marriage.

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Is Credit Ruining Your Marriage or Business?

We know statistically that the biggest reason for marital problems and divorce is finances.

Debt does not serve the person holding the debt but instead the one who extended the credit. Our financial system is built on how much money a lender can give at the highest rate possible. It’s not there to serve you; it’s there to serve them.

We've all met the business owner or family that has shared how hard it is to keep afloat when your income is exceeded by expenses. Over the years, we've been taught that credit will alleviate the problem, and if used right at the proper time that can be true.

Some businesses are even using their personal debt to keep their business afloat. This usually spells disaster.

While debt can be crushing to a business and personal finances, the real struggle many times is between a husband and wife that are fighting over how to solve the problem. The simply don’t see eye-to-eye.

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Eight Values of Marriage: Value 1 - Transparency

Eight Values of Marriage: Value 1 - Transparency

by Don Purdum

Transparency is an issue most all of us struggle with. It is hard being really genuine, and it is an extremely vulnerable place to be.

In a young marriage, couples are still learning about each other, and how far they are willing to go in revealing themselves.

It is funny to think about in the most basic of terms. For example passing gas or going to the bathroom in front of the other. It sounds silly, but those are extremely intimate and personal things that you rarely share with anyone else. Not that you necessarily want others to share that with you, right?

The point is you are emotionally vulnerable due to basic transparency issues.

Transparency ultimately allows others to see through the person you create for them to the person you really are. The good, the bad, and the ugly. It's a state of relationship where you have absolutely nothing to hide.

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While I didn’t see it live, Miley Cyris’ performance last night at the VMA’s caught Will Smith and his family’s attention. You can’t watch today’s local or national news without her controversial and shocking performance everywhere.

It’s pretty frightening what pop culture celebrities will do to shock us and get us to watch and buy more of their stuff. Is it wrong? Does it work? Are there bigger issues at play? Does it really have an effect on families?

In a sea of competition, we all have to work harder at getting the attention of our audiences. It isn’t anything new. In his day, Elvis Presley was very controversial. Later, it would become Prince, Madonna, and in more recent times Lady Gaga. I personally like some of their music, but I don’t care about their performances or accolades personally. 

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Jon Bon Jovi is one of those rare men of fame in the entertainment industry. While rock stars, actors, and other people of notoriety are entering and exiting marriages on a frequent basis, Bon Jovi has managed to be a strong example of a family man. 

If Jon Bon Jovi can have an amazing 24 year marriage, why can't you? Listen to what he says about his marriage, and learn 3 tips that you can take away from a rock star to have a great marriage yourself!!!!!

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How Do You Handle Stress and Tension in Your Marriage? 

Stress and tension exists in every relationship at one time or another in every marriage and relationship. Perhaps it’s caused by finances, relocating, a business or work, or perhaps the two of you have decided you just don’t want to get along.

When I met Joe last week, he was as stressed as it gets. Money is tight and he feels that his wife just loves to spend it, even when they don’t have it. Instead of talking, explaining, and working through it together, it was apparent that the way they chose to deal with it was to accuse, scream, and fight about it.

Do you think much got resolved with this technique?

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