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I have Crafted Job Descriptions, Resume Templates & Executive Summaries. Easy enough for you to put your resume together in as little as 15 minutes. 

Transform your resume like This -->


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Below is Just 1 of 8 Copy & Paste Executive Summary Samples:

Outgoing professional offering _______ years of experience in Customer Service and Administration. I possess the skills needed to effectively work with diverse teams and situations. Seeking to secure a career with a company that offers a fun yet challenging environment, offering opportunities for growth and advancement

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How I made $11,000 without ever meeting my client

Screenshot 2015-01-06 12.37.46

For most, a career as a Virtual Assistant isn’t really a preferred choice . I know there may be better things for you to do, and working in an office does mean having vacations, paid leaves and a list of other benefits. But becoming a virtual assistant has its advantages too, And the best part is you can work from home part time while working in an office.

1. You are your own boss
True, you will still be working for somebody, but becoming a virtual assistant offers a much greater degree of flexibility than a conventional desk job. You can choose how much you work and your availability. 

2. Work with the right people
True, it can be a pain to find the right client but working with good people can be a rewarding experience. Becoming a virtual assistant is simple,  and it’s effective.

3. You decide how much you want to earn
It might sound strange but you get to decide what you want to earn. Be it the number of hours you are available to work or the quantum of work you can do, you decide how you’d like to run your business.

People argue that working at home isn’t conducive with all the distractions. This is true to a point. But, it all depends on your mentality. If you have a can-do attitude and the willingness to succeed, small distractions like playing children will not really matter. In fact, the comfort of your home and being with your loved ones is too good of an idea to let go of, isn’t it? Wouldn’t you agree?

Just this year I made $11,000 working with 1 client, 20 hours a week  for 6 months.Yes, that is just 1 client. THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE OTHER CONTRACTS…

Creating a profile is free, you will have to upload your resume and any special projects you’ve done that will help employers match you to their needs. Aside from in person marketing, my most favorite place to solicit business is Elance

Screenshot 2015-01-06 12.37.00

Other platforms you can register with are:



Although most to all clients want you to have high speed internet connection, a working computer with appropriate software, a working head-set, and a designated working environment. I started with a half working laptop and a Samsung flip phone. So, I am pretty sure you have everything you need to get started. :)

Take a moment to browse through these leads and feel free to apply to them directly!

Accounting Assistant

Admin Assistant

Virtual Assistant

Executive Assistant

Administrative Assistant

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Job Openings

Hi Friends! :)

I am reaching out to see if anyone of you are Business Owners who would like some free Marketing. I've just started my very own Radio Show and it is called Plan Execute and Conquer Radio.


And each week I will host a new guest... But most importantly I want to help people get back to work. I need expert advise and suggestions for the average job seeker.

1. Would you happen to have any vacancies available?

2. Would you like to be on my show?

Please feel free to browse around Plan Execute and Conquer

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America’s BIG Problem

It seems that everything revolves around food! We celebrate occasions with food, give food as gifts, and use it for relaxing and self-medication. Restaurants are serving inexpensive bigger portions than ever before, supersize anyone??  It’s no wonder we have an obesity problem in the United States.

Your health is not just about the number on the scale. It’s about the healthcare crisis America is heading towards from the rise in obesity-related diseases such as Type 2 Diabetes, Heart Disease, Stroke, High cholesterol, sleep apnea, high blood pressure, and obesity-related cancers.  These extra pounds are crazy expensive!  According to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, obesity-related diseases currently cost an estimated $147 billion annually and this number is on the rise.  Soon you may have to pay if you are not taking a proactive approach with your health. Under the Affordable Care Act, obese employees may have to pay 30-50% more towards their health insurance if they refuse to join a wellness program to help them lose weight. This also goes for smokers, as they are costing more in claims than those who do not smoke. Being a non-smoker, meeting a certain target BMI and cholesterol number, will most likely get you a deduction on your personal health insurance contributions to your employer. These incentive programs will soon become the norm, whether people feel comfortable with it or not. One of the biggest problems in this country is the way we have focused on treating people who have become sick, instead of preventing illness with a proactive approach.


So how did we get here? How did one-third of Americans become obese? Food has changed, our mindset has changed, and our lives have become fast-paced. We have moved from a whole-food diet towards highly-processed, prepackaged convenience food.  There was a study done in 2010 by Pomona Collage that revealed that our body’s metabolism responds differently to whole and processed foods. Whole foods are metabolized at a 50% higher rate than processed foods, meaning that your body processes these calories more efficiently.  Switching to whole foods, without even cutting calories, gives you less work to do in the gym with better results.

So what’s the solution? We live busy lives, and it’s hard to make our health a priority. You have to find a real, lasting solution that works for you.  What’s not going to work long-term is a diet, pills, or a couple sessions with a personal trainer. For me, support, accountability, and forming healthy habits works. It’s hard to do it alone! An exercise study conducted by the Virginia Polytechnic University showed that those participants who had an accountability partner were 20 times more likely to stick with an exercise program. I think a little support from others equally committed to their health and fitness goes a long way. Online fitness support communities are increasing in popularity, because support is as far away as our smart phone. It’s convenient and effective. Let’s be honest, it feels good to feel part of a community of positive, like-minded people!

Kelly Morgan

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My Holiday Wish For You

My wish for you this holiday season is the gift of “belief”. Belief is the most human part of us, for it takes the child within us to feel its joy. Travel back with me to a time when you felt the comfort and warmth of your family and the love that surrounded you.

Some of you had the great good fortune to have a Mother and Father to bring you into this world and to envelope you in their love. For you, the journey to a place of joy will be less of a challenge than others. Many of us were born into another kind of home and a different sense of family. Yet when we return in our minds to those simpler years, we can still feel how those around us cared about us and allow that sense of love to pool within us and warm our hearts, if we can only just remember, and we can only just believe.



Life has a way of wearing us down and the more years that separate us from our childhood, the more it seems to harden our hearts and separate us from our innocence. The further that we travel in our hearts and our minds from that time, has more to do with our aging process than the chronological years marked upon the calendars of our lives.

If only we could unburden ourselves of those years and remember what it felt like, once again to believe in Santa Clause and all that he stood for such as Christmas joy and showing kindness to others. Lending a helping hand to those not as fortunate as ourselves, even simply exchanging a holiday greeting…and meaning it , is part of belief.

Belief is what changes our world and makes it a better place to live. Belief in friendship and the bonds of trust that forges it together. Belief in heroes, be they real and protect us in far off lands or only live within our minds and in the confines of our imaginations. Belief in love, the most powerful of all, both in the romantic sense and the more esoteric.

Perhaps I might be stretching my wish list this year but I can’t help but to think that it’s worth it. I wish that you believe that life is worth living and worth living well not just in the physical sense but in the spiritual sense as well. I wish that you believe that you can change the lives of others by holding out your hand, your mind and your heart. And I wish that you believe you can change the world, one life at a time through your smile, your mind, your compassion and your heart. That is my holiday wish.

-Randy Sutton

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Past Pain

This week’s video follows on from last week’s, in which I talked about managing your feelings about the holidays and spending concentrated time with family.

I have spoken to clients and friends who are dreading the holiday season because they are expected to spend time with family, and are anticipating problems. I created a three part video series to make suggestions on how to plan for and manage potential problems. This video is on Past Pain.

I love spending time with family and friends, and enjoy all of us staying at my parent’s home. However, there are some challenges with being that concentrated. You have to manage your feelings and thoughts, and tolerate those of others while staying together. Here is one way to reduce your experience of past pains. A simple way is to consider what pain (physical or emotional) you have experienced and determine if it is something you can live with or not. . Prior to your visits, go through a mental checklist and explore what those experiences from previous family visits were, and see which ones you can address so that you are not repeating the same experiences. If you cannot, then make an empowered decision for YOU.


For example, if on the last visit with family you were relegated to sleeping on the couch and your experiences included being woke up many times during the night because of noise, a spring in your back or other reasons, choose alternative sleeping arrangements. Based on this example, you can choose to, rent a hotel room, or stay with another family member or friend, or just travel in for the day or event.


I, personally, have had to experience sleeping on the couch. I was grumpy, annoying, and had a low tolerance for other people’s nonsense. So, I spoke up, and we began rotating who got to sleep in the bedrooms. It was a solution to the problem for at least two of us at a time. Soon after this discussion, my parents expanded their home, and now that is not a problem. However, the reason for reviewing your experience is to empower you to make conscious choices about your upcoming experiences, and take control where ever you can to benefit yourself. If you did not get great sleep you are more likely to be irritable, easily goaded into arguments, etc. Your tolerance for nonsense is lower with fatigue. Once you are aware of your options, you are more likely to leave feeling comfortable and in a positive mood to manage any challenges that may come. Now you can now make changes that will empower and put you in control.

I hope this tip help you as much as they’ve helped me!

Please leave a comment below and share your advice! And I would love it so much if you could click here to subscribe to my Youtube channel and leave comments – thank you so much!


- See more at:

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The Only Employment Guide You Will Ever Need!


Inspired by all of the daily inquiries that I get from people looking for employment. 

In this Book, I will share 11 years of my collected secrets working in the Staffing and Education Sectors. If you follow this formula, you will be interviewing at least 5-10 times a week Guaranteed. That is 20-40 chances a month of getting a job! I've placed over 2000 Professionals the last 11 years following the same strategy... 

We will cover:

1. Career Development & Planning (Career Assessment Suggestions, Fill in as you go Templates will be provided) 
2. Goals (I will help you set them and teach you to implement)
3. Social Etiquette & Presence (Face-book, Twitter, Linked- In Voice-mail, etc..)
4. Time- Management ( Fill in Template included)
5. Resume Development ( I will show you step by step on how to create a resume template, and teach you how to write a winning resume! Samples will be provided)
6. Portfolio Development (Cover Letter, Resume, Thank you Letters, Certificates, etc...)
7. Job Strategies (Reverse searching, Self Marketing, Resume submittal, Detailed Plan of Action will be provided)
8. Dress For Success 
9. Application Etiquette ( Step By Step Process, Templates Included)
10. Interview Techniques and Etiquette (I will give you questions and suggested answers)
11. Post Interview Etiquette 
12. On the job Etiquette (You didn't spend all that time looking for work, not being able to keep your job!)

I will guide you every step of the way... I will be doing everything but picking you up from home to take you to work (My Graduates Know What I'm Taking About!)


If it is a desire of yours, I will also teach you how develop your own Virtual Service. Your skills and talents are needed more than you think!

I will share detailed step by step instructions (How to file for a State/City License, Obtain and EIN number, Developing Web Presence, Logos, etc) on how to become a Virtual Professional. 

I will share how to become an ENTREPRENEUR and how I've been successful enough to QUIT my FULL-Time Career in Employment Services to work from home. 

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Thyroid - What all should you be aware of?

Thyroid - What all should you be aware of?

We all know that thyroid can be quite a pain. However, what are the symptoms that you need to be aware of to know if you have got thyroid?


Here is a look!

Thyroid gland, which is located in the front neck, is an essential organ of the human body.  This gland produces thyroid hormones responsible for maintaining the metabolism of the body.  The over or under-function of the thyroid gland results in the Thyroid disease.Thyroid disorder ranges from a harmless small goiter to thyroid cancer which is life threatening.  Abnormal production of thyroid hormones results in hyperthyroidism and insufficient hormone production lead to hypothyroidism. You are at higher risk of getting thyroid problem, if you have a family history of Thyroid.  



Hypothyroidism is a condition wherein the thyroid gland is underactive, surgically removed or chemically destroyed.  This condition is diagnosed by blood test.A disorder of the pituitary gland or thyroid gland results in hypothyroidism.


v  Reduction in sweating.

v  Irregularities in menstrual cycle.

v  Constipation.

v  Fatigue due to depressed nervous system.


Hypothyroidism is treated with hormone replacement drugs.  Dietary changes, practicing particular yoga poses, and other types of complementary approaches help in curing of hypothyroidism.


This is a condition wherein the gland is overactive and excess of thyroid hormone is produced.  Sometimes viral illness also leads to hyperthyroidism.  Other reasons may be autoimmune Graves’s disease or thyroid nodule excess production of thyroid hormone. If the condition of Thyroid is not treated, it can lead to bone problem, heart problem or even a dangerous condition which is more properly known as thyroid storm.



Sometimes hyperthyroidism may have no symptoms at all or you may have the following:

v  Weight loss even though you eat the same.

v  Shaky hands, faster heart beats or breathing problems.

v  Feeling of nervousness, tiredness or weakness.

v  Red and itchy skin.

v  Excessive and prolonged menstrual bleeding.

v  Increase in blood cholesterol levels.


Hyperthyroidism treatment includes antithyroid pharmacotherapy, symptom relief or thyroidectomy.

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Doing Something Good for Someone

Sometimes, a little good can do wonders. Think of a beggar who gets to have a wholesome meal only a few times in a life.

Their happiness - really can’t be measured!


Doing good helps!

And it’s not just because some say there is karma.

All of us sometimes feel frustrated with the continuous challenges of daily life, work conflicts, family problems, stress over money, illness etc.  Depressions and anxiety make us feel sick.  Medication and therapy is not really the solution for these modern day problems. 

You can make a whole world of good by helping others. And that’s not only to that person but also to yourself! Think about this. The art of giving and helping others shapes up a personality that respects others and loves people. It helps you be a person others love and look up to.

Today, a new thought is suggesting an age-old principle for the key to be happy,  anxiety free and stress free life : helping others or doing something good for someone is the way to help yourself coming out of all modern day problems and to be happy.  Doing a good deed for someone, especially people less capable than you, disabled people or elderly people can be a real joy.

When you help the poor lead a decent and respectable life, it gives you a new dimension to your life. Ease off your own worries and focus on the needs of others.   


So, why is it that helping others can ease off your own life’s problems?

When we experience benevolence, kindness and compassion, our negative emotions are pushed aside.  This is the best way to deal with the stress and other problems.

Doing good and feeling good can combine to create an astonishingly positive feedback loop, where we feel happy helping others and feeling good always makes us to do more good deeds.

Donate your time to a local charity, give a couple of hours in a week to them.  You can even donate money and food to charity.  Say good morning to someone. Sometimes a smile is all that they need! Doing something nice for someone without expecting in return anything will always make someone’s day and you’ll just feel so good about it.   Try out and feel proud to help others.

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Social Media Branding and Exposure Package

Social Media Branding and Exposure

Facebook & Twitter

Package includes 300 Posts in a combination of articles, news feeds, quotes and Company advertisements.

$100 A Month

Facebook & Twitter

Package includes 300 Posts in a combination of articles, news feeds, quotes and Company advertisements.

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" Angels In The Outfield"

It was October,  2006 Josie had just started Kinder… We argued that morning because she didn’t do her reading homework the night before, but instead watched TV like most 6 year olds would do. At that time, I was working for AppleOne. I was gone 12-13 hour shifts sometimes, by the time that I got home, checking homework was the last thing that I wanted to do. Aside from choosing to spend my last 2 hours with the kids before they went to bed, I was tired!

That morning, I made her stuff her backpack with extra books so that she can read during recess- I know, mean mommy. We lived in Downey at the time, right next door the Calvary Chapel of Downey. I left for work by 6:30am just to get to work in Monterey Park by 7:30 a.m. Once again, like a normal Single Mom, had to leave the kids alone to fend for themselves with hopes that they’d make it to school ok. My brother (a traveling operations manager) just happened to be home that week. He was usually only home weekends, I needed the help and it didn’t make sense for him to pay for a full-time place, he lived with us just up to a few years ago and was a great help to me and the kids through the years.

Anyway, so within an hour of me getting to work, I got a call from my son. He was crying hysterically, “Mommy! Mommy! Josie was just run over by a van!!!” I can only imagine what my face looked like as my manager turned to look at me and asked if everything was ok. My son, still crying said, “Mommy did you hear me? I’m sorry; I promise I was watching her!” Still in shock-I just about fainted- a man gets on the phone and introduces himself. He was kind enough to let my son use his phone. He informed me that he really didn’t know what was going on, but the authorities have been informed, she is ok, but she’s probably in shock. Whah! Whah! Whah! Whah! Whah! Whah! Whah! If he had said anything else to me, I probably couldn’t tell you what it was considering now I went totally blank…

I fell up against my desk for a second and started to run out of my office, my manager-now in a panic- asked, “Is everything ok?” Half way out the door I ran back to my desk, because I forget my purse and, most importantly, my keys… I ran out, briefly explaining that I’d call her as soon as I knew anything. Oh My God! Oh My God! Oh My God… I was praying as I left the building. I called my brother whom was half asleep. “Hey I need you to wake up RIGHT NOW!  Josie just got ran over, and she and Louis are at the corner. I don’t know what happened, just get there. He says ok, and then hangs up….

“That was odd,” I thought, but I didn’t dwell on it too long, more important thoughts flooded my head. “They hadn’t even made it across the street? Was my baby ok? I shouldn’t have been upset with her this morning. I shouldn’t have made her stuff her backpack…” My brother calls back, “DUDE, did you just call to tell me what I think you just said???” “Yes,” I responded, “now please go…”

“Oh my God! Oh My God!” he chanted as I heard him stumble out of bed. I assume that he ran out with his shoes in hand because it only took him two minutes to run out the door. He probably didn’t realize that he still had the phone to his ear. He then yells out, “I’ll call you as soon as I get there!”

Now, Im crying at this point, praying I don’t get pulled over for driving 80 mph in the shoulder lane on the 710 freeway. If anyone knows Los Angeles, the 710 is chief for having the worst industrial work traffic ever!

Still Crying, Praying… 20 minutes passed and he isn’t answering my calls… “What is going on?” I thought, “Is my baby ok. Is my son, who witnessed everything, ok? Can she walk? What kind of injuries does she have?”

I finally exit the freeway to find that traffic was jammed. At this point, I’m ready to jump out of my car, to run to the scene. My brother calls to tell me they made it to the hospital. He then goes on to explain how there were l 5 ambulances, 10 officers, and 3 fire trucks— Tells me that the woman, who ran her over, driving a mini van, was making a right at the light. She didn’t stop, going at least 15 miles per hour, slammed my baby to the floor. Her minivan submerged my daughter, even dragging her little body at least 2 feet, far enough to give her a good burn, right?…

I scream, “Is she OK???”

He says, “Yeah, all she has is a scratch on her hand and ½ inch scrape on her leg, but you should see her backpack though.”


For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways; they will lift you up in their hands, so that you will not strike your foot against a stone.


                                                                                                                             Psalm 91:11



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