walking-the-dog.jpeg?width=360Activities For Stress Relief - Walking Tops The List

If you’re like millions of other people, your 2012 New Year’s resolution is to get more exercise.

If you haven’t started a workout program yet (or you started one but haven’t been exercising consistently), the warmer months are the perfect time to rededicate yourself to your goal of getting fit.

Taking Care of Your Dog Can Improve Your Health

And I have a suggestion for a perfect workout partner – your dog! He has a two leg advantage on you, but he’ll make a great exercise buddy just the same.

They say that exercise is one of the best activities to relieve stress and tension that you can do. And of all the exercises you can do, walking tops the list.

Walk For Life Boost Your Health-Relieve Stress and Tension

Walking is a great way of relieving stress and tension as well. Stress management is important for overall health and well being.

Taking a nice walk after dinner with your spouse, or a friend, or even your kids, is a great way to relax and have some fun, too.Make sure you have some good walking shoes with good support and wear some non-restricting clothing like sweat pants and a t-shirt. Throw a light jacket over everything if the weather is a little cool. You can always take it off if you get too warm.

Start slowly, if you are not accustomed to walking or exercising, just make the first walk around the block in your neighborhood. Do this for a week or two until your body gets used to it then branch out and go two or three blocks.

Connect With Mother Nature And Walk Away Your Stress

Keep doing this every day or mix things up a bit and go to a local park or forest preserve and walk the trails. There's something about connecting with nature that reduces the effects of stress and tension.

Just being out in nature has a calming effect on the body so walking through a nature preserve is one of the best activities for stress relief you can do for yourself and your furry friend.

Maybe you live in an area that has a bike path or walking trail that the city or county keeps up for those who want to use it. Sometimes they can go for miles and let you see some of the area where you live.

Stress & Tension Can Lead To Serious Health Conditions

Relieving the tension in your life is as important as eating and drinking. If you let it all build up it can have some detrimental effects on your body and overall health.
Headaches, heartburn, depression, anger, and increased anxiety are all symptoms of increased tension. If all of these go unchecked for an extended period of time it can lead to more serious things like high blood pressure.

High blood pressure can lead to any number of even more serious conditions like stroke and heart attack. It can have a domino effect where one thing leads to another and another.

Any form of exercise will help reduce the amount of tension you feel especially after the first few times you do it and the soreness or stiffness all goes away. After a work out you will feel energized and able to take on the world again with confidence.

Walking Away Your Stress And Tension-It's Easy To Do

I chose to tell you about walking because research has shown walking to be the best and it is easy to do. All you have to do is get up and start doing it. You do not have to join a gym to do your walking but you can if you want to.

You can basically walk anywhere. If you live in a place that has winter and it is too cold to walk outside for some of the year, a lot of people choose to walk at a local mall when the weather is bad.

In addition to these helpful ideas, it's also a good idea to make sure we're getting adequate nutrition and exercise each day.

"Science has shown that with proper nutrition, diet and exercise, you can improve your genetics and the genetics of generations to follow".

Are you ready for a challenge? Consider becoming part of our 90-Day Fitness Challenge, Don't waste another second.....

You can start at anytime but the best time to start is right here, right now! 


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  • Hi Carolyn. Walking is great exercise, and it's just great to be outside. We have a park down the street from our home, it's a great place for Max(our Bichon) to run around, and us too.

  • Thanks! Now that spring is here, I'm walking around the neighborhood again and enjoying it. I don't see too many people out, so it's nice to hear that you walk too!

  • I meant to tell you my oldest son's name is Dustin, we call him Dusty! 

  • Thank you Dustin, you do the same.

  • Erel great article thanks for sharing. Have an awesome weekend!

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