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Amazingly Woman Changes After 39 Years

Amazingly Woman Changes After 39 Years

the bad habits

Changes in habits redefines our whole world. Our habits direct our lives in the direction of the path our habits are headed.

I'll get to the woman that changed in a minute first lets talk about changes.

Bad habits lead us down the wrong path, good habits lead us down the good path. The catch is...

(We) choose the path in which we travel because habits can't choose for us they just guide us after (We) have made the choice.

Have you ever heard the old saying, "so-in-so got dropped like a bad habit?" If you think about it the bad habits last longer normally than the good ones.

Why is it that we tend to drop good habits so easily like, exercising, eating right, and so on and yet the bad ones we hang onto like life it's self.

Am I right?

There are times that we hang onto them because it's just simpler, others times because we are self indulgent and don't want to not have something we want, other times it's an addiction.

If you don't change your habits then your future goes on in the direction of that habit you choose to hang onto.

If you don't eat right or you are not exercising most likely you will gain weight and get out of shape. If you don't change the way you work your business choosing good habits...

You will fail.

Now as promised about the woman that changes after 39 years. Last night she totally cleaned the nicotine off her walls. (what a horrible mess that was)

She clean and scrubbed her house to rid her house of the smoke of 39 years of smoking.

You see this woman realized after 39 years that her future would always be the same unless she did something.

She couldn't breath right, she coughed constantly and always felt tired and ran down. This was going to be her future because she had the habit of smoking cigarettes.

She knew that you can't change  your future if you continue with the same habits.

Therefore, the answer was if she couldn't change the future the way she was going then she could surely change the habit that was causing the future to be so bleak.

She stopped smoking cigarettes. She's not supper woman so she has had help. She went to the electronic cigarettes that emit no smoke, smell,or tar.

Cutting out the real cigarettes has taken 4000 different toxic additives that are in real cigarettes out of her body.

She is feeling wonderful, stopped coughing, she has energy, she can smell again and taste, she doesn't smell like smoke and neither does her house. All because she changed one habit.

Do you have a habit that you need to change because you don't like the way your future looks? If you don't like the way your life is going;

I am here to tell you that you can't change the future until you change the habit that's holding you back, be it in your health or your business.

You can do it! I have faith in you.

Susan J. Boston

Skype: susanjboston

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