God's Law

The Daily Meditation 07.06.2013

God’s Law

 “Within Thy Law Is Freedom”

“Oh, My Soul within me,
Great is Thy Presence
Within Thy Law is freedom
to all who will believe.
I believe in Thy Law
and I love Thy precepts.
I know that Thy Law is perfect
and It is a delight to my Soul,
for It is illumined
with Thy Words of Power.
Thy Law is complete freedom to me,
and to all for whom it shall be spoken.
I speak the Word of freedom to all,
and all shall receive it.”

Ernest Holmes “Science of Mind” p335


When it comes to manifesting anything on this Earth plane one must be aware of God’s Law. When we think and speak our words with passion they move from the Spirit within us to God’s Law. God’s Law is has no volition to do anything but create that which is being specified when we speak or think. Now the Law gives us great Freedom but only if we are aware that the Law is absolute and that it creates no matter what goes into it.

There is a saying about computers, ‘Garbage in, Garbage out’. This is true with God’s Law. If we think or say words that we really didn’t want to manifest, the Law has no choice but to act upon those thoughts and words. If I allow myself to have stinking thinking, then I cannot be surprised that my outer life reflects that back to me.

On the other hand, that same Law, when it is fed with the proper thinking, the proper words and the thinking and words have passion and love in the mix, the Law has no other choice but to create for us a magnificent outer Life. It is all about our LOVE, THOUGHTS AND WORDS and the Law does the rest.

So, now I give thanks, knowing that my thoughts and words are only about what I want for myself and for others. I am so grateful for the LAW, because it gives me freedom and takes the worry away. I am so blessed.

And So It Is!

 Rio Grande Center For Spiritual Living, Albuquerque, New Mexico


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  • Excellent post Richard.  Great to read.

  • Terri, Susan, Brigitte and Timothy,

    Your Welcome! May you all have a wonderful weekend.

  • Thanks Richard for this fantastic post

  • Active Member

    Richard this is wonderful I have liked and shared it.

  • Top Member

    The Bible is God's law and we must obey it or suffer the consequences of our actions. I agree it is about Love, Thoughts and our Words because God knows our heart and emotional feelings we are having. Nice post Richard, I am posting it on the Syndication Express blog and it will be shared in several of my Facebook groups, fan pages and tweeted. Have a great weekend.

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